Thursday, September 29, 2011

Looking back at some bold Pirates predictions...

By Jeff

Back in April I made some predictions for the Pittsburgh Pirates and their players for the 2011. Let's just say my prognosticating skills are not limited to NFL games. What I said is in bold. What really happened isn't. Ouch.
  • James McDonald wins 14 games and has an ERA below 3.50 - McDonald had some control issues. OK, he had a lot of control issues and only made it past the 6th inning about two times all season. He finished with nine wins and a 4.21 ERA.
  • Pedro Alvarez hits 30 home runs and strikes out 180 times - Pedro had all of four homers, which was three less than Brandon Wood. And he didn't even strike out 180 times!
  • Andrew McCutchen hits 20 bombs and steals 30 bases - Cutch hit 23 dingers, but only swiped 23 bags
  • Jose Tabata bats .315 with 10+ homers and 30 steals - Tabata had a terrible two months, hit .266, mashed four home runs and stole 16 bases. Yeah... I did not do well on this one.
  • Lyle Overbay will hit .275 - Ummm. He batted .226 and was released. Wooo!
  • Ross Ohlendorf will win nine games and have a sub 4.00 ERA
  • Ryan Doumit will... nevermind. There is nothing positive to say about him - He batted .303, so there was something positive to his season. He still got hurt and missed more than half the season, so I'm calling this one a push.
  • Joel Hanrahan will save 35 games - He had 40. This is a win for me!
  • The team will finish with 71 wins - Almost nailed it. They had 72. What's sadder, that this is an improvement on last season by 15 games, or that it was a bold prediction to say they'd only get 71 wins.
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  1. I told you to go with Charlie Morton/Halladay instead but you wouldn't listen. Tsk tsk.

    And I'm willing to give you a win for the Cutch prediction too.