Saturday, October 1, 2011

NFL picks: Week 4

By Jeff

This will be quick as I've been kinda swamped.

Last week I went 8-7-1 and am 13-16-3 on the season (I didn't do picks in Week 1). My miss of the week was the Steelers -10.5 over Indy. The Colts' defensive line destroyed the Steelers' O-line. It was ridiculous how many times Dwight Freeney sped past the tackle and slammed Ben Roethlisberger. I know the Steelers went to the Super Bowl last year and won another one with a terrible line, but shouldn't it be a little better by now?

As always, the home team is in caps.

Detroit (+2.5) over DALLAS: Why is Dallas favored after not scoring a touchdown last week and needing a coaching blunder and overtime to win in Week 2?

New Orleans (-7) over JACKSONVILLE: Do I get bonus points for predicting before Week 2 that Blaine Gabbert would be starting by Week 3?

San Francisco (+9.5) over PHILADELPHIA: Did you know that the 49ers haven't allowed a 100-yard rusher in about two years?

Washington (-3) over ST. LOUIS: Four picks in and I have the home team losing in all of them. Can't be good.

Tennessee (PK) over CLEVELAND: Make it five!

Buffalo (-3) over CINCINATTI: This is beginning to scare me. In all fairness, I could have just switched up the order and then it wouldn't look so strange with all the home teams losing.

Minnesota (-3) over KANSAS CITY: The Vikings are going to hold a lead at some point during this season. Why not tomorrow?

CHICAGO (-6.5) over Carolina: The Bears can't block anyone, but they still have a dangerous defense.

Pittsburgh (+3.5) over HOUSTON: I wish I had an awesome research team to tell me if Houston has ever been favored against the Steelers before. Oh well, I'm just going to guess they haven't and choke under the pressure.

Atlanta (-4.5) over SEATTLE: So all offseason the Falcons were played up, then on some ESPN show this week analysts were debating whether they are a sleeper in he NFC. How is it possible to be a favorite in the NFC to sleeper in three weeks?

New York Giants (-1) over ARIZONA: The Cardinals just lost to Seattle, while the Giants are coming off an impressive win against the Eagles. Who is making these lines? Of course, I'll still go 8-8 at best.

SAN DIEGO (-7) over Miami: Tony Sparano needs to go for his own well-being.

Denver (+12.5) over GREEN BAY: Green Bay hasn't been that dominant yet.

OAKLAND (+6) over New England: Just because I wanted to take the Bills last week and wussed out.

New York Jets (+4) over BALTIMORE: The Jets are a proud bunch of ego maniacs that need to redeem themselves after last week.

Indianapolis (+10) over TAMPA BAY: I believe in Curtis Painter! Not really, but Tampa doesn't blow teams out.

Chicago - Glory of Love

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