Thursday, September 29, 2011

Red Sox demise was awesome

By Jeff

The only thing that makes me happier than teams I like winning championships is Boston area teams losing.

I was screaming at the television when the New York Giants spoiled the New England Patriots' perfect season. I jumped for joy when Ron Artest drained the 3-pointer that clinched the Boston Celtics' loss in the NBA Finals a few years back.

Now I have the Red Sox collapse of 2011.

Seriously, they were nine games up in the Wild Card at the beginning of September. Even the New York Mets were shaking their heads at the embarrassment that was the Boston choke job. It was beautiful.

Hearing Boston fans bitch about the New York Yankees tanking the last game is like sweet music the the rest of the nation's ears.

This was the team that was the hands down favorite to win the World Series. The majority of analysts at least had them in the big game. Their slow start was followed by a great three months of baseball where all you heard was how good they were and how the Yankees didn't have the pitching to keep up.

Then came the skid of September. It was glorious watching the crawler on ESPN tell me almost every night that the Red Sox had lost again. It was great to hear ther fans make excuse after excuse. Yes, a lot of players were hurt this year, but I thought almost $200 million bought you some depth? Apparently not.

The loss made me so happy, I could even stand to read Bill Simmons' column on Grantland today. You know, the one where he said fans should have seen this coming and how hard it was to watch the Red Sox this year? Really? It's hard to watch a team in playoff contention all season? Try following a team that is out by July when they are having a good year. OK, maybe his attitude in the column still got under my skin a little bit.

The Atlanta Braves had a pretty terrible collapse too. But at least they can say someone did worse.

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