Thursday, December 15, 2011

Don't call it a comeback

By Jeff

OK, I have been neglecting this blog for about a month now. I have been running around wedding planning, house hunting and working. There is no excuse for leaving the blog unmanned, as this truly is something I love.

The one positive about not really having a post for a month is that there is are a ton of things on my mind. I don't even know where to start!
  • A lot of people don't like Ben Roethlisberger. I think it might have to do with that whole he might have raped a woman in a bathroom. It might also have to do with the stories that he is a bit of a jerk off the field. But you can't deny that he is the toughest quarterback in the league. Most people can't even bear weight on a grade 2 ankle sprain. He went out and played two quarters and led his team to a needed win.
  • Antonio Brown is having an incredible season. Did anyone else see him having 55 receptions and 925 yards at this point in the season? And it's not just the total stats, it's how he seems to make clutch catches when the Steelers need one.
  • Has anyone seen Emmanuel Sanders lately?
  • Sidney Crosby's return was incredible. I didn't even see the game live, but it boosted my morale. On the flip side, the fact he is out again with concussion-like symptoms has crushed my soul a little bit.
  • Evgeni Malkin is looking like the Malkin of old. He is taking over games and showing the drive that seemed to be missing for about two seasons.
  • Why won't blogger let me put an extra return between bullets!? Now I'm stuck putting bullets inbetween other bullets. It's annoying!
  • Pascal Dupuis is THE MAN. The amazing thing is he is on pace for a career year despite playing the majority of the season without Sydney Crosby.
  • The Pirates are making huge moves. OK, they are making moves. Not sure if they are good or not. I love that they picked up Erik Bedard. If the team gets 150 innings from the injury prone pitcher they will be getting a bargain. As for Clint Barmes, Rod Barajas and Nate McLouth, meh. None of these guys are going to do much for this team. They are hardly upgrades to the people they are replacing.
  • Albert Pujols is a freak. A 10-year deal worth more than $250 for a guy older than 30 is a bit of a stretch. Of course, he could transition to DH in a few years and save his body a little bit.
  • So some Eagles fans think the team is going to make the playoffs this year. That or they call into radio stations every day screaming for Andy Reid's head. As an outsider, I don't think Reid should be fired. The team has a ton of talent and can gel over the offseason. If the Steelers bailed on Bill Cowher after a few rough years, they might still be looking for that one for the thumb.
  • Glee sucks.
  • Blog contributor Greg and I have been sending e-mails back an forth for the past month regarding Penn State, Jerry Sandusky and Joe Paterno. He makes a strong point that JoePa may have been prematurely fired. If you read the grand jury report, then you'd think Paterno didn't do enough. And that was my thinking after reading it. But now we have man close to Mike McQuery saying that McQuery told the man that he never saw Jerry Sandusky raping a child. Rather, McQuery said he just heard noises in the showers and saw a boy's head peak around the corner and later saw Sandusky leaving the shower. This is a complete contradiction to what McQuery told the grand jury. So maybe Paterno wasn't told about the alleged rape that night in 2002. However, why didn't this new source come out weeks ago to note McQuery's inconsistencies. And the fact that Sandusky was told not to bring children on campus tells you that administrators were at least suspicious he was up to terrible acts. I still think Paterno and others should have been asking why the hell Sandusky was still allowed around campus up until his arrest. Maybe Paterno did ask, but I think he would have said something to the media about it if he had. I'm just saying a man does not say "I should have done more" if he really thinks he went to the proper lengths to resolve the situation. Others may say Paterno's statement "could mean anything", but I think that is more avoiding the situation.
  • Anyone see the leaked trailer for "The Dark Knight Rises"? They better get Thomas Hardy in the editing room and redo the audio. You can't friggin understand a word Bane says.
  • Saw "The Muppets" last month. It was awesome.
  • Does anyone care that the NBA is back?
  • I also don't care about the NCAA football National Championship game. I saw this game already.
  • Remember last year when we had a guy doing college football posts every week? He said he'd do that again this year. You remember that, Mike!? Not like I can talk much. This is only the second post this month.
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Sunday, December 4, 2011

Week 13 Picks

You know what sucks about this time of year. Your football team sucks, but doesn't suck enough to get the number 1 draft pick. Thus, you are left in this quagmire towards the end of the season were you sort of root against your own team so that you get a higher draft pick. That is until the 4th quarter when your awful/sometimes good team makes a comeback and you throw the future out the window for a win right now. In the end, if your team doesn't win the superbowl, you should want the highest draft pick possible, there is no sense in rooting for a 3-10 team to get to 6-10. It's silly. So if you aren't a Green Bay Packers fan, you should probably just go ahead and root for you team to lose out. Let's get to the picks.

BUFFALO -1 vs Tennessee

This team is a wounded animal! They are playing at home in December and I can assume this means snow. Matt Hasselbeck can't wear enough headgear to keep his bald spot warm. Ryan Fitzpatrick has a big day handing off to....uhhh....Brad Smith? Yikes.

Chiefs +7 vs CHICAGO
Both of these teams are just awful on offense right now. Caleb Hanie I suppose manages this game well enough to win, but I foresee a score of something like 12-10. So many field goals!

Oakland +3.5 vs MIAMI
I'm a Dolphins fan and I know how this team operates. They only win when you have lost all hope that can function as an NFL team. Their run D is great, so expect nothing from Michael Bush. But expect Carson Palmer to have a field day as he throws to his 6th string WR.

PITTSBURGH -6.5 vs Cincy
I don't even know anymore. This Steelers team could barely beat Tyler Palko but somehow I think they will come out and crush Cincy. I think they need this win to ensure this division race doesn't become muddled.

CLEVELAND +7 vs Baltimore
See above. Baltimore wins this but the score won't be Ravens 300 - Cleveland 0 like it should be. Although Cleveland does have this great new WR named Greg Little. He gets a ton of targets a game and only catches half of them. He's a star!!!! (Sorry, I just had a convulsion where I had to do some Fantasy Football taunting.)

One team is good, one team is awful? Not sure what else to say here. Rex Grossman won't finish this game.

HOUSTON + 1.5 vs Atlanta

If I were in Las Vegas I would totally bet this game - and probably bet the money line for Houston. I realize they are starting a rookie who has 12 National Football League pass attempts, but let's be real they are a team built on running and defense. Atlanta is awful against the run and Matty Ice on the road doesn't inspire confidence.

Carolina PK vs TAMPA
Cam Newton most likely throws for 300 yards and runs for 50 more against a really beat up Tampa D-line. This is one of those division games where it just doesn't seem to matter, the worse team could win out.

Denver -1.5 vs MINNESOTA
This Denver team sure has a lot of heart. I think they have all rallied around Willis McGahee and rookie Von Miller. I like them to lead their way to the light...uhhh, lead their way to victory.

St. Louis +14 vs SAN FRANCISCO
There is no way an offense lead by Alex Smith beats a team by 14 points right. Did you see him on Thanksgiving? Yikes.

Dallas -4.5 vs ARIZONA

Dallas is on a role now, they have the division basically wrapped up and I dont think they start playing poorly until the playoffs. Anyone know why Tony Romo still holds kicks 5 years later? He's a starting NFL QB, no one else on the Cowboys can be the holder?

Green Bay -6.5 vs NEW YORK GIANTS

I actually waffled on this game. Doesn't this seem like the week where everyone hates on the Giants and claims they have given up and then the Giants come out of nowhere and rip off 4 in a row? Unfortunately I can't see that happening against Aaron Rodgers.

NEW ENGLAND -20.5 vs Colts

I can't believe I'm taking a team giving 21 points essentially, but knowing how much of a jerk Bill Belichick is, I can see him running up this score. Didn't the Colts lose 63-7 versus the Saints on Sunday Night Football earlier this year?

JACKSONVILLE +3 vs San Diego

I have no faith in this San Diego team and Jacksonville maybe plays their hearts out now that they lost Jack Del Rio.