Thursday, September 1, 2011

The most hyped No. 3 QB ever

By Jeff

I mentioned this in a random thoughts post, but the topic won't go away and I don't get it.

Why is Tim Tebow getting so much hype? He is the No. 3 quarterback on a bad team. Has there been a No. 3 quarterback in league history that has received so much attention? I'm pretty sure the answer is no.

I know people like to mention the last two games of 2010 where he threw three touchdowns, but one of those games was against one of the worst defenses in the league in Houston. The other was against San Diego, which held him to a completion percentage of 44.4 percent. Not exactly mind blowing.

Reports out of Denver Broncos training camp is that he's actually been the fourth best quarterback in camp. Fourth best! Yet he has received more air time than Josh Freeman, Sam Bradford and Colt McCoy. A second-year and two rookies who all had better seasons than Tebow. What am I missing.

I just heard Skip Bayliss saying for the third time that the Broncos would make the playoffs if Tebow was their starter. What the hell is he seeing? Apparently, Tebow's performance in the third preseason game made Bayliss wet. Tebow's line: 6-for-11 for 93 yards with no picks or touchdowns. He also had four rushes for 25 yards with a fumble recovered by his team. This was in a little less than a half of work against the Seattle Seahawks' backups. Orton threw for 236 yards and a touchdown in half against the starters.

How is this a discussion?

And for those people who say Tebow critics only root against him because of how he doesn't hide his religion, you're stupid. His football skills have nothing to do with his religion. He just is not a good pro quarterback right now. And I think this because he has ugly mechanics and seems to panic in the pocket. I don't care if he is Christian and lets the world know. Good for him. No one should be ashamed of what they believe in terms of faith.

But this idea that he is discrimated against because he is Christian is a joke. I think this belief is in line with the recent claims (Mostly by Fox News and its correspondents) that Christians are under attack in America. They're not. Tebow is criticized because he is not better than Kyle Orton or Brady Quinn. Not because of what he believes.

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  1. True. People love to dote on this guy and he's proved nothing worth doting on. It's annoying.