Tuesday, September 20, 2011

NCAA follows money

By Jeff

Can we all agree to break into hysterical laughter when college officials and administrators try and tell us they are doing something because they have the well-being of student athletes in mind?


After all the talk of super conferences beginning to form last year, and only one major school (Nebraska) making a major change, I was hoping this crap was over. Then this past week comes along and the Big 12 is in big trouble while the Big East will definitely be losing Pitt and Syracuse to the ACC.

Why all the shuffling? Schools see a lot of money to be made in other conferences and want their share. It's as simple as that. You can't tell me the athletes on the Pitt football team will have a better college experience because the team will be in the ACC and not the Big East. Really, it's going to increase travel time, which is more time out of the classroom. So how exactly can any school official say this move, and others like it, have anything to do with their institution's athletes?

This is all about money. And for all the schools involved with the move and the soon-to-be super conferences, it's an excellent business move. These schools are going to see more money come through their doors thanks to bigger television contracts. Money that will trickle down to the athletes that make these contracts possible, right?

Well, last I read, there was some talk to pay college athletes some kind of stipend. But I doubt it's near the money they deserve or that it will actually go through. The NCAA suspends players for talking to agents, selling jerseys or really making money in any way for their athletic talents while they are at school.

So next time you hear a school president or athletic director emphasize their concern for "student athletes" laugh at them. If they look confused, slap them.

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