Thursday, September 8, 2011

Questions surround Crosby's return

By Jeff

Sidney Crosby is still getting headaches and concussion symptoms. He can't participate in full contact drills.

I'm a little scared and have nothing else to say on the matter. It's depressing. The guy was setting the league on fire and then suffered one or two concussions in a week. Now we have no idea when he will be back.


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  1. Listen, you and I have had our debates about Crosby, but its always depressing and scary when an elite talent like this is in limbo and uncertainty.

    Lindros was a douchebag, but there was a time when he was pretty talented, and you hope that Crosby doesn't become Lindros-revisited with the concussions.

  2. Very true Boss. That is a concern that we all have in Pittsburgh. However, I am confident that Lindros was a victim of inadequate medical knowledge and Crosby will benefit from sitting out until he is fully healed. From what Crosby's doctors have said, having a concussion does not necessarily make you more susceptible to having another one. It's the fact that Lindros and Savard came back too soon that causes a career ending injury.

  3. That's right Greg about concussions. You technically aren't more likely to get another one, but due to the lingering damage, the next concussion would be more severe. Which is why it's imperative they take as much time as possible. The general rule after a "severe" concussion is a player isn't allowed back into game action until a full month after being symptom free. He's still having symptoms so I think it'll be a while. Personally I'm not expecting to see him until after the new year.