Thursday, November 4, 2010

Will the game be on the radio?

By Mike Roarty

So the game of the week is a great matchup between Utah and TCU and yet not many people are going to be able to watch it. The game will be on the CBS College network or something. I have this channel at my place here in Chicago but I will be visiting my sister in Champaign so I will have to explain to some cute waitress at a bar what channel the game is on as she smiles back at me not listening because she doesn’t care. (“And I am supposed to be impressed because she is wearing a backpack.” )

The game will happen anyway and it should be awesome. The game will be in Salt Lake City and will knock one of these two teams out of the title race. We have each gotten to watch each of these teams once or twice over the last few years and each is well coached and plays great defense. TCU’s defense is giving up an absurd 8 point per game. They come after the QB and will force turnovers. Andy Dalton is a ginger which is hilarious but he can play and moves the offense like Brian Johnson did a few years ago for the Utes.

Utah has flown under the radar all year even from me. I watched them beat Pitt but didn’t really think anything of it because I just thought that was Pitt being Pitt. (Maybe it was.) I can’t say I know much about the team other than they seem to have the ability to adapt their game to whomever they are playing.

I do hope to be able to watch the game as I expect some hard hitting defense and in the end I expect the ginger to make one more plays than Jordan Wynn. TCU 24-17.

Billy Joel- Vienna (Sorry about last week Jeff)


  1. It's cool. Love that it comes down to a Ginger.

  2. "I might have well of said 'Let me jump your ignorant bones' Ohh gawd"

    TCU will beat Utah, unlike Pitt.