Thursday, November 11, 2010

Better get it done now

One time when I was in high school I ran into Steve Spurrier in an airport in Boston. I just looked at him and said, “fun and gun!” I am not really sure what that has to do anything but I don’t have much to work with this week.

This slow week of games is headlined by Spurrier and the Gamecocks visiting the Gators at the Swamp. Winner will win the dumb down SEC East. Apparently South Carolina has won close to nothing in their schools history and this game would be a huge step for the school. They have already got one big notch on their belt as they took down Bama earlier this year at home. Unfortunately for them, this game is at the Swamp.

The Gators have rebounded from their early season struggles by putting like 12 QBs out there in order to get production. (Hey, if it works, it works.) Chris Rainey has been a spark and Urban Meyer may not have to worry about losing his job in the ever present hot seat of SEC coaches.

Achilles himself, Stephen Garcia, will once again be the key to the game. Outside of his random brain fart on the safety play against Bama, he was great that game. He will need to be equally as good and get off to a hot start in order to quiet the crowd.

Much like everyone else, I think Urban Meyer is a dbag but he is a quality coach and he will have the Gators ready to win. Florida 30-21.

Bonus pick- Salez, Jess and Krob will be with me Sunday night as the Steelers take down Colelli and the Pats. Lers 27-20.

Phil Collins- In the Air Tonight


  1. You talk about Florida and there are no jokes about the 30+ arrests under Meyer's watch? I'm impressed.

  2. Is that a young Jesse Palmer in that pic? I think so.