Friday, November 5, 2010

Searching IMDB message boards more fun than it should be

By Jeff

If you can't tell, I'm kind of a nerd. This was something I used to try and hide. If I pulled up to soccer practice or something with a cheesy song on that I enjoyed, I would quickly change the channel to the cool station radio station. Those were dark times.

Today, I embrace my nerdness. And I take comfort in knowing there are much lamer people in the world than me. I found this out by reading the Internet Movie Database message boards.

Have you ever spent just 15 minutes reading the posts located there? The individuals creating and responding to threads definitely have more time on their hands than I do, and those who know me know I have plenty of time on my hands.
Sorry zombies, buzzkill13 says
you shouldn't be able to walk.

What inspired this post were some of the posts under AMC's new series "The Walking Dead". A thread there is focused solely on debating whether zombies should be able to run or not. The posters then explained their reasoning for which side they supported. Those who support running zombies think they should be OK to run if they are "freshly dead" and have not rotted away too much. Not so easily convinced, posters on the other side of the debate said rigor mortis sets in after three hours after a person dies, so dead people should hardly be able to walk, let alone run. Then there were those who were calling the infected people from "28 Days Later" zombies. Thankfully, these individuals were corrected, as the infected in that movie were still alive. Anyway, the running/walking debate continued for like 50 entries.

No one seemed to bring up the idea of suspending reality for the sake of entertainment, which was weird. After all, the topic was about zombies. And come on, it's clear that the virus passed on by zombies allows bodies to function similarly to humans. What idiots!

So you're cool with this guy living 500 years,
but question an axe's durability?
The IMDB boards have also become a haven for people who like to point out what they view are flaws in movies and shows. On the "Highlander: The Series" boards, a guy is complaining about the quality of an axe that was supposedly buried for 300 years. Other users than go an do research to see if the axe's handle really should be so well preserved or not. I admire the commitment, but come on! You don't watch "Highlander", a show about immortals trying to cut off other immortals' heads throughout history, and worry about the plausibility of a weapon still being in mint condition. You watch to see some heads roll.

OK, so maybe I'm still as big a nerd as these people, because I actually read these posts. Damnit! Anyway, the point of this post is to point out that if you're really bored, want to feel better about yourself  or need a little entertainment, the IMDB message boards are gold. And I just wanted an excuse to mention Highlander.

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  1. Yup!

  2. my favorite: in the "goofs" section of the shindler's list imdb page, someone points out that a particular word that is used in the movie had not yet come into use until years later.

    really? THAT was what you took away from this film?

  3. Digging the profile pic, Moody. Completely agree about Schindler's List. It wins seven Oscars, so I guess people just want to find the tiniest goof they could.