Thursday, September 16, 2010

Week 2 picks

By Jeff

Looks like it's going to be a long year for my picks. I went 7-7-2 last week. Well, this week will be better! Maybe.

Before we get into Week 2, here was my miss of last week. Indianapolis (-2) over Houston: The Texans won 34-24. So maybe this week I should analyze more than the month.

Kansas City (-2) over Cleveland: I'm still trying to figure out if Jake Delhomme not playing helps or hurts the Browns' cause. I don' think it matters. Jamaal Charles is going to have a big game and the Browns won't have an answer.

Green Bay (-13) over Buffalo: Don't expect the Bills to score more than six points.

Baltimore (-2.5) over Cincinnati: A friend of mine tried talking me into taking Carson Palmer off his hands in our fantasy league this week. His reasoning was because Palmer had some pretty stats against the Patriots last week. Too bad all his numbers came with the game out of reach. I just don't trust the man ever since Kimo destroyed his knee.

Pittsburgh (+5) over Tennessee: Chris Johnson won't run for 100 yards and Pittsburgh will win. Oh, and Vince Young might contemplate killing himself after the game if James Harrison doesn't do the job for him during it. Was the suicide joke tasteless? It certainly wasn't too soon.

Philadelphia (-6) over Detroit: Matthew Stafford is out for the Lions, so it'll be hard for their offense to get moving. On a side note, I'm very excited for the quarterback controversy that will arise in Philly. The team's fans deserve to be burned after forcing Donovan McNabb out.

Chicago (+7.5) over Dallas: This will most likely being next week's Miss of the Week, but the Cowboys looked terrible against the Redskins last Sunday. I don't see them running the ball any better against the Bears. 

Carolina (-3.5) over Tampa Bay: I know I said DeAngelo Williams and Jonathan Stewart would dominate last week, but I really mean it this time.

Arizona (+6.5) over Atlanta: The Falcons will win this game, but it's going to be close. Derek Anderson is a joke, but so is the Falcons' secondary. Larry Fitzgerald is going to put the Cardinals on his shoulders and make a game of this one.

Minnesota (-5.5) over Miami: Favre had another week to get in sync with his receivers, and this game will show it.

St. Louis (+3.5) over Oakland: The Rams showed a lot of faith in rookie quarterback Sam Bradford last week, letting him heave the rock more than 50 times. He threw three picks, but the last one was in garbage time. He and Steven Jackson are going to take over and win this game for the Rams.

Denver (-3.5) over Seattle: Last week was a fluke for the Seahawks. They caught the 49ers sleeping and Alex Smith was horrendous. Kyle Orton will do a much better job of exploiting the Seattle defense.

Houston (-3) over Washington: The Texans scored 34 points without any real contribution from Matt Schaub, Andre Johnson or Owen Daniels. Just imagine what this offense will look like when they are all clicking. We might see it this week, and Washington will be left wondering what the hell just hit them.

Jacksonville (+7) over San Diego: Maurice Jones-Drew will have a solid day to keep this game close. The Chargers are really hurting without Vincent Jackson and Marcus McNeil. Jackson's absence allows team to focus on Antonio Gates, and McNeil's holdout will continue to have a negative impact on the rushing game.

New England (-3) over New York Jets: Mark Sanchez was a joke Monday night. Hell, the whole offense was a joke. Did you see Dustin Keller on the final play of the game? He was oblivious to what was going on, or was just pissed that Sanchez left him out to be crushed earlier in the drive. Either way, it was bad. Also, that Jets secondary was not very good outside of Darrelle Revis. Kyle Wilson played like a rookie and Cromartie was holding onto receivers for dear life. Wes Welker is going to go wild again.

New York Giants (+5.5) over Indianapolis: If NBC constantly cuts to the Manning family in the box while the commentators tell us all how hard this is for Mr. and Mrs. Archie Manning, I'm going to chuck my soccer lamp at the television. They did this on every other play in 2006 when these teams met. And every time, Mrs. Manning looked like she was going to cry. Why was she so upset? It's not like Peyton was a defensive end destroying Eli. They are both quarterbacks and are never on the field at the same time. Cheer for the offense and you win!

New Orleans (-5.5) over San Francisco: The 49ers are better than they showed last week. But so are the Saints.

Eddie Cochran - Summertime Blues


  1. I was also 7-7-2 last week, this week I agree on all but three games for my picks.

    I am taking Dallas -7.5; home opener, coming off a clunker, healthy OL, Romo puts up big numbers while Cutler tosses a few picks to the Cowboys secondary.

    Oakland -3.5; the Black Hole is a bad place for a rookie's first road game, even if it is not as feared as it once was. Both RBs-Jackson and McFadden should have big games, but Campbell won't make the mistakes.

    NY Jets +3; I can't pick New England in this game, simply can't do it.

  2. Can I make a request for the rest of the pick? Could you put the home team in caps or underline or something like that to distinguish them? It'd be helpful, at least for me, when reading through these. Thanks.

  3. You can make a request, and I could do that.