Friday, September 24, 2010

Bruce Lee vs. Chuck Norris

By Jeff

It's Friday and I'm lazy. So please enjoy this classic fight scene between Bruce Lee and Chuck Norris from the movie "Way of the Dragon."

As you're watching the video, ask yourselves these questions.

  • Is it me, or does Lee take an unrealistic amount of time to unbutton his shirt?
  • Did Norris create his epic beard by clipping his chest hair and glueing it to his face?
  • If so, do you think he included any hair from the back of his neck?
  • Is there any point in time you think Norris will complete his transformation into a werewolf?
  • How much knuckle and muscle cracking is needed before a fight?
  • Why is Lee just standing still while Norris pummels his face at one point? At least make some effort to block or dodge!
  • *** SPOILER ***Has your view of Norris changed now that you've seen him defeated?

Our Lady Peace - Clumsy


  1. After seeing this video made me wonder if it was really Bruce Lee's habit that destroyed his heart...

    ...or if Chuck Norris honed his skill, came back and yelled "Booyah!"

    No? Ah, well...I tried.

  2. A part of me held out hope that Norris was going to rally for the win despite the broken arm and leg.