Monday, September 6, 2010

Fantasy Football Draft Results, Pt. 2

by Mike,

Jeff asked me to put together something on my draft, so here it is. My draft has it's own taste of a Greek tragic comedy a couple picks in, so hopefully it'll be entertaining. Here's the link for the draft results and I am the Anatomical Snuffbox.

I'm in school now, and I had a final the following morning at 8AM, so my free time was really limited leading up to the draft. My prep this year was printing out ESPN's draft cheat sheet about 30 minutes before draft. The little bit of time I did set aside to prepare was put into correcting the draft order that was altered due to late team registration. I jumped up from 5 to 3 so I ended up benefitting.

Since I wasn't able to do much prep work, my plan was to exploit our new PPR rule look who was available when it was getting close for me to draft and just draft based on value. Normally I looked to draft a position between certain rounds, but threw that out completely. I was surprised how well this worked out for me

With the 3rd pick, I was really hoping Ray Rice would fall to me, and felt fortunate that he did. He's a PPR machine. Coming back for my 2nd pick, I was fairly shocked Greg Jennings was still there, as I think Green Bay could have a video game offense this year. Picking quickly again in the 3rd round, I quickly jumped on Ray Rice Jr. in LeSean McCoy. Considering how Andy Reid likes to call screen passes as running plays, I think he could be a great PPR guy. Between these 3 and Jason Witten, I was pumped about my team so far, especially in a 14 team league.

And then the 5th round happen. I feel like I should recreate the situation. During the draft, I was studying for a final, which was our one and only grade in the class, so I was taking it pretty seriously, as if you fail any one class here, the school holds the right to make you leave school and repeat the entire year (horrifying, yes). I had a couple powerpoints open during the draft to study because I could go 15 minutes between picks. Coming to the 5th round, I had 3 or 4 receivers in my queue to get ready, which I believe were Michael Crabtree and Mike Sims-Walker. Both guys were still there when there were 2 people to pick before me. When it was my turn, I switched back quickly from powerpoint an I though my cursor was on one of the guys in the queue and not on yahoo's top ranked player available, Sidney Rice. I quickly hit draft without really looking, thus drafting a receiver who just had surgery to remove both his pelvic bones (I think). Honest mistake sure, but you ask "why not take the extra 1.3 seconds to actually read who you're drafting?" Yeah, I got nothing for you.

That hurt because I feel like I got a ton of value everywhere else. I got Donovan McNabb at the 110th overall pick, as the 14th QB to be drafted. Ricky Williams at 87th I thought was great too because he's involved in the passing game and Ronnie Brown will probably help me out and get hurt again. Chris Chambers at 143 I thought was tremendous value as he put up some good numbers when KC picked him up late in the season. Plus with another year of experience in the system of their head coach/golf coach of theirs, they could look a little better and have some fantasy relevant players.

All in all, I feel really good about my draft, even with my 5th round blackout. My RBs should get me a ton of points regually and my WRs/TE get a good share of targets so that should benefit me in PPR. I may even get lucky if the reports are true that Sidney Rice will be at full strength when he comes off the PUP list (although I don't know how that's possible). In any case, even if my team blows, I love doing fantasy sports now more than when I first started in high school, not really because of the game itself, but being able to keep touch with all the guys (sappy +1).

Go Steelers

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