Monday, September 27, 2010

Pirates not terrible at PNC Park

By Jeff

Finding a reason to be hopeful for the 2011 Pittsburgh Pirates season is tough. Right now, they're 55-100, a solid pitching staff is years away and no hitter on the team will hit 30 homers this year. Toronto Blue Jays' Jose Bautista actually has more home runs than the Pirates top three boppers combined. We still have six games left in the season, but it's been over since May.

But if you're a regular reader of this blog, you know that as much as we make fun of the Pirates, we also tend to be more optimistic than most fans and media. We know they suck, but we see specks of hope. And we hang onto these specks like Bruce Campbell's possessed girlfriend's head holds onto his hand in "Evil Dead 2: Dead By Dawn." Our constant disappointment probably hurts more, though.

So how am I finding hope in the Pirates' 18th consecutive losing season? Well, by taking two of three games from the Houston Astros this weekend at PNC Park, the Pirates finished the season 40-41 at home. That's one game away from having a winning record at PNC Park. That's something this team should be able to build on.

If only we saw this on the
road more often this season.
Before you tell me, I know that the 40-41 home record comes with an embarrassing 15-59 away record. And yes, I know that is really hard to do. But doesn't the home record show that they are at least capable of winning more games than they lose? Let me cling to that!

At least the home record can maybe silence some of the organization's critics who don't stop with attacking team, but take out their anger on fans who still enjoy going to games. These individuals tell fans who go to the game that they are a part of the problem. Apparently we are to blame because we still support the team and put money in ownership's pocket, while the team continues to flounder and payroll stays low.

These critics need to shut up. We are fortunate to have professional baseball in Pittsburgh. The team has sucked for 18 years, but don't you think hundreds of other cities around the country would love to have a  terrible team in town, as opposed to nothing?

We're spoiled by the constant success of the Steelers, the revitalized Penguins and the Pirates former greatness. Recent Pirates ownership has been a big problem with the current slump, but boycotting could leave the city without a baseball team. And calling out fans who still enjoy watching baseball for $9 a ticket at a beautiful park isn't the right way to go about making changes.

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