Friday, September 10, 2010

The Boss' 2010 Playoff Picks

Now that the NFL season has officially started, the Boss gives you his playoffs picks for 2010

East-New York Jets (11-5)
North-Pittsburgh Steelers (11-5)
South-Tennessee Titans (12-4)
West-San Diego Chargers (10-6)
Wild Card 1-Indianapolis Colts (11-5)
Wild Card 2-Miami Dolphins (10-6)

Worst Team-Jacksonville Jaguars (3-13), the Jones-Drew injury will rear its ugly head at some point early on.

It should be noted, I am a Jets fan and therefore, have an irrational hatred for the Patriots. I absolutely can never pick them to make the playoffs even if they are an obvious pick. I just can't do it.

For the picks themselves, Jets defense should be strong enough to overcome Sanchez's mistakes. The Steelers do not miss the playoffs two years in a row, and a weaker schedule sets them up nice in that division. The Titans will build off of last year's strong finish to claim the top spot in the AFC. The Chargers play in the worst division in football. Manning doesn't miss the playoffs, he may play poorly there but he always makes it. Since I refuse to pick the Pats, we go with the Fins for the 6th spot. I really like their young defense a lot and Henne is a QB on the rise.

East-New York Giants (11-5)
North-Green Bay Packers (12-4)
South-New Orleans Saints (11-5)
West-San Francisco 49ers (11-5)
Wild Card 1-Dallas Cowboys (10-6)
Wild Card 2-Carolina Panthers (10-6)

Worst Team-Seattle Seahawks (2-14), this offense will be lucky to score more than 10 points a game

Note #2-I dislike Brett Favre so I will not pick the Vikings.

People seem to forget about the G-men in the East, which is just how they like it. The Pack are the cream of the crop in the NFC. Saints will repeat in the NFC South, the first time that has happened since the eight division format. 49ers are my pick in the NFC West because of Patrick Willis, the man is a beat. (If the Rams somehow end up with Vincent Jackson, my answer would probably change, because I am that sold on Sam Bradford.) Cowboys get a wild card spot and living in North Carolina now, I'll show the Panthers some love. Defense looked good in preseason and John Fox does his best work when little is expected.

Playoff picks-Wild Card Round
AFC: Pittsburgh (3) over Miami (6)
Indianapolis (5) over San Diego (4)
NFC: New Orleans (3) over Carolina (6)
San Francisco (4) over Dallas (5)

Divisional Round
AFC: Tennessee (1) over Indianapolis (5)
NY Jets (2) over Pittsburgh (3)
NFC: Green Bay (1) over San Francisco (4)
New Orleans (3) over NY Giants (2)

Championship Round
AFC: Tennessee (1) over NY Jets (2)
NFC: Green Bay (1) over New Orleans (3)

Super Bowl
Green Bay 27, Tennessee 16

Please post your picks in the comments


  1. Interesting picks, especially the confidence in the Titans.

    East-New York Jets (11-5)
    North-Baltimore Ravens (12-4)
    South-Indianapolis Colts (11-5)
    West-San Diego Chargers (12-4)
    Wild Card 1-Pittsburgh Steelers (10-6)
    Wild Card 2-New England Patriots (10-6)

    East-Dallas Cowboys (11-5)
    North-Green Bay Packers (13-3)
    South-New Orleans Saints (13-3)
    West-San Francisco 49ers (10-6)
    Wild Card 1-New York (10-6)
    Wild Card 2-Atlanta Falcons (10-6)

    Playoff picks-Wild Card Round
    AFC: New York Jets (3) over New England (6)
    Pittsburgh (5) over Indianapolis (4)
    NFC: Dallas (3) over Atlanta (6)
    New York Giants (5) over San Francisco (4)

    Divisional Round
    AFC: Baltimore (1) over Pittsburgh (5)
    San Diego (2) over New York Jets (3)
    NFC: Green Bay (1) over New York Giants (5)
    New Orleans (2) over Dallas (3)

    Championship Round
    AFC: Ravens over Chargers
    NFC: Packers over Saints

    Super Bowl: Packers over Ravens

  2. I have a few reasons for the confidence in Tennessee

    1-They have the best player in football.
    2-They have the best coach in football.
    3-That defense is closer to how it played in the second half of '09, than the first half. Derrick Morgan may be limited early on, but he will be a strong pass rusher off the edge.
    4-Since they finished third, a bit of a softer schedule than the Colts and Texans

  3. Boss, I like the boldness of your prediction, but can't agree that Jeff Fisher is the best coach in football. He has six winning seasons out of 14 total. I like him, and those non-winning seasons aren't all on him, but there are still plenty of coaches I would take before him.

    I would take (in no particular order): Belichick - hate him and think Brady is a big reason for his success, but can't deny that the Patriots have been a powerhouse the past decade.
    Payton - Turned Saints into the most exciting team in the game, and I have a soft spot for Vicodin addicts.
    Tomlin - Three seasons, three winning records, two playoff appearances and a Super Bowl.
    Coughlin - Players hate him, but he's successful. He just wears out his welcome.
    Whisenhunt - Especially if he makes the playoffs with Derek Anderson at QB. I don't care how crappy the division is, Anderson is terrible. Anyone else remember the 2 for 17 game last season?
    Sparano - How many coaches have led a team to the playoffs the year after a 1-15 season. No Googling.
    Still undecided about Shanahan. He needs to prove he can do it without Elway before I put him on this list.

  4. Fisher to me is one of the best because he always gets the most of out his teams and they almost never quit on him.

    I'll give you Belichick. I wouldn't take him but 3 titles in 4 years means something.
    I'd put Reid on the list, because somehow the Eagles are always in the playoff hunt.
    Payton needs to do well this season for me to put him on the list (i.e. get back to the playoffs)
    Tomlin gets on for his willingness to adapt, running the 3-4, when he is a Tampa-2 guy.

    Shanahan has to prove he can do it without Elway, but I'd put him on the list over Coughlin.

    And I know I'll get called a homer, but if Whisenhunt and Sparano are in consideration than I'll throw Rex Ryan out there and John Harbaugh as well.

    Whisenhunt earns major points if this Arizona can win 10 games. That Miami team was a Bill Parcells-creation, so I am reluctant to give Sparano much credit. Harbaugh has won 3 playoff games in two years, granted that is because he has a defense that has murdered people.

  5. So now Fisher is just one of the best? Stand by your initial statement!