Wednesday, September 22, 2010

Its All About the Stache

By Mike R.

Howdy fellow yinzers. It is good to now be a part of Jeffrey Rickel’s blog. I have enjoyed all of your work and Jeff has asked me to bring my brain and all of its college football knowledge to this blog.

Today I thought I would lead off with a program that is near and dear to our hearts; the Pitt Panthers. They take on the U tomorrow evening at Heinz Field. For Pitt it will be another chance to showcase their program on the national stage. For me it will be a joy to sit back and watch the majesty that is Dave Wannstedt coach a football team. Everytime I see him on the sidelines I smile. He is like John L Smith but with a mustache.

The funny thing about it is all offseason it is like I forgot he was their coach and as I kept looking over Pitt’s roster I kept thinking to myself this could be a really good football team. And then they went to Utah and brought me back to reality.

Back when I was still living in Pittsburgh I had a certain disdain for the Pitt football program. I can’t really put my finger on why (mainly dealt with the fans that kept jumping back and forth between Pitt and Penn St.) but as I have moved away I no longer harbor such feelings. I root for them causally when they are on but I think it is more out of pity than anything else. Recruiting has not been the problem. There is talent but if there ever was a time to take the weak Big East by the throat it is clearly now. Petrino, Rich Rod and now Kelly are gone. Come on Pitt, do it. (I picked WVU btw to win the Big East and with Geno Smith playing the way he is I feel more comfortable about that pick.)

I really have no idea what all of what I just said has to do with tomorrow’s game but I have to get a sense that people that actual Pitt fans have to feel that frustration. Tomorrow will be another chance for Pitt to gain some street cred against a team that will be trying to establish themselves as well. These teams are very similar in that they have talent but I have no idea if they can put it all together.

As for the actual game, expect Jacory Harris to bounce back and put up some solid numbers tomorrow evening. I know Dion Lewis and Jonathan Baldwin will try their hardest but I expect the U to pull this one out. Sorry Pitt. The U 28-17.

Regardless of what happens just know this, Colelli and I will be at the Hidden Shamrock here in Chi Town. Which is a Miami bar randomly but if it was a Michigan/Steelers bar I guess I would probably never leave. This will obviously end in me punching Colelli in the face which is a way more sure fire bet than picking Miami.

Hall and Oates- Rich Girl


  1. Glad to see the better Mike is blogging on here now. No matter now many pictures of him I see, that mustache looks more and more absurd each time.

  2. How sad is it that the coach's facial hair gets more attention than the team itself?

  3. Michael! good to seee you. I hope UGA can right the ship before we get down there.

    Ouch, that hurt. As much as I enjoy watching every Pitt fan humbled, that display was a real embarrassment for Pitt, and the Big East by association.
    Everything's not lost Pitt fans, you're still 0-0 in the conference.