Monday, January 11, 2010

Quick thoughts

Once again, I am falling behind with the blog. To all six of you out there I am sorry. A lot has happened since my last entry, so this will be another long post touching quickly on multiple subjects.
  • If I tried prognosticating the first week of the NFL postseason, I would be 0-4. Who knew that Tom Brady and Carson Palmer would choke badly, while guys like Joe Flacco and Mark Sanchez would lead their teams to wins? OK, so Flacco only threw 10 passes and didnt' break 40 yards, he still didn't throw three picks and look like a scared rookie. Did you see Brady's first interception on Sunday?
  • Thank you Green Bay Packers and Arizona Cardinals for giving us one good game this weekend.
  • Pete Carrol is with the Seattle Seahawks now. Smells like he is running from the sanctions that could be coming to USC. I'm also still trying to figure out how the Seahawks didn't violate the Rooney Rule.
  • The BCS title was surprisingly entertaining despite Texas quarterback Colt McCoy only playing for five plays. Well the second half was fun, at least.
  • Why is it that the best coaches in football are usually jerks. Please look at Nick Saban, Bill Belichick, Urban Meyer, etc. No doubt the guys can coach, but there seems to be very little decency in their bodies.
  • Speaking of coaches, will the Buffalo Bills have one next year? It seems like nobody wants the job, and you can't really blame them. Who gets excited with Ryan Fitzpatrick or Trent Edwards at quarterback?
  • Mark McGuire finally admitted to using steroids. I understand why he didn't say it back when Congress called him in. HE was afraid of facing prosecution for his actions. But he could have come out in the past couple of years without any fear of legal repercussions, but he didn't. I am already sick of media members, coaches and players saying they are glad and saying how big it was of him to admit it. No, it wasn't. I can't help but think that he only did it to try and get the Hall of Fame voters to forgive him and put him in Cooperstown. He could of also done it so that there is no distraction when he comes back to the St. Louis Cardinals as hitting coach, which is nice of him, but I still don't think him brave for stepping up now. How can we commend honesty when it was neglected for decades beforehand?
  • Tony LaRussa was quoted as saying hehad no doubts his Oakland Athletics teams had legit/clean workout regiments and that guys like McGuire got huge by working their butts off. Well Tony, turns out they weren't clean and you didn't know crap. Or he just looked the other way like the rest of baseball. Somehow I doubt LaRussa had no idea his players were juicing.
  • I hate Hall of Fame voting. Roberto Alomar had 11 consecutive All-Star games, 10 Gold Gloves, batted .300 for his career with more than 2,700 hits 210 home runs and 474 stolen bases. He also won two World Series with a .344 postseason average. He is arguably the best secondbaseman to ever play the game. And he didn't get into the Hall of Fame this year. He will get in next year, despite having identical numbers, and that's where my problem comes in. What changes in a year for these players that don't make it the first chance they get? Don't delay an honor that a player rightfully deserves. Did you know there were actually people out there that didn't vote for Cal Ripken Jr. to get in? Ridiculous.
  • Sherlock Holmes was a very good film. Robert Downey Jr. is on a friggin' roll lately. He has owned every role he has portrayed in the past 5-10 years. Please don't judge this movie before you see it. I know there are a lot of you out there crying about the actions scenes. Get over it. There aren't that many and they are cool and entertaining.
  • If you haven't watched the television show "Chuck", you're missing out. It's awesome.
  • The Pittsburgh Penguins have hit a rough patch, but I'm not worried. Evgeni Malkin is too good to keep struggling and Sidney Crosby is taking his play to another level this year. They will make the playoffs and really pick of their play once they get there. Kinda like last year.
  • Alexander Ovechkin is still a bitch.
  • How can Gilbert Arenas be so stupid. Not only does he bring multiple guns into the locker room, but he then makes gestures with his hands like he is shooting his teammates in a pregame huddle. I'm thinking he remembered how tough it was playing a full season and how much more he enjoyed not having to do anything.
  • House is on, I have to go. Now Chuck is on at the same time. What a cruel and unjust world we live in. If they move Castle to 8, I'm going to be so pissed!
Weezer - Teenage Victory Song


  1. Welcome back Rickel.

    The Seahawks interviewed the Vikings defensive coordinator on Saturday. Some reports were that Carroll signed a tentative deal on Friday, so I'm not sure what the deal is. Either way I think Bill Simmons said it best on his twitter page, "Thank God for the Rooney Rule. Otherwise Leslie Frazier never would have had a chance to not have a chance at the Seahawks job."

    Hall of Fame voting is pretty stupid. For some reason it is an elite class to be a "first ballot Hall of Famer." I kind of like that notoriety to further distinguish an elite player but after year two you should either be in or out. Andre Dawson must have had a great 2009 season because it was his ninth attempt to get in.

    Here's a list of Hall of Fame members by voting percentages. Can you imagine not voting for Ty Cobb, Babe Ruth, or Nolan Ryan? Crazy.

  2. Hall of fame voters are mostly arrogant a-holes. Didn't Dimaggio not get voted in until his 3rd try? By that logic, almost nobody is as good or better than him, so from now on, nobody should get in before him. Nobody should get any votes until their 4th year. Make more sense than what's going on now? I think so.

    SHP should NEVER be a category in fantasy hockey.

    Football coaching point couldn't be more wrong, Wannstache and South Carolina era Lou Holtz are two of the best coaches ever and are beautiful people. Tell me I'm wrong.

    Chuck vs. House is actually a problem? It's 2010 so I have an easy solution that people have been using for like 5 years. DVR. Try it sometime.

    Question of the day:
    Will Joey Votto be legitimate starter in a 14 team keeper league, with him being my keeper from the 20th round?

  3. Alomar's disaster of an end to his career probably cost him sure fire first ballot hall of fame status. I like Andre Dawson, nice player in his prime, but Alomar belonged in over him if only one was going to make it.

    Loved your point on Arenas. Perhaps LaRussa didnt know his players were on the juice because he was too busy showing up to spring training drunk and getting DWI's. Oh wait, he only did that in the past few years.

    I think the Carroll situation was a number of things: a) running away from NCAA sanctions, b) sensing this type of offer would disappear with said sanctions, and c) the Pac-10 catching up to USC with Oregon, Oregon State and Stanford pushing them as well as programs like Arizona and Washington on the rise. If Bob Stoops doesn't have a big year at Oklahoma next year, I would look for him to follow the same road to the pros, minus the possible NCAA trouble

    As for the Bills, would you want that job. Buffalo is in large part not that great a metropolis to coach in or play in (ask Willis McGahee what there is to do there: answer Dave and Buster's). They may be moving to Toronto, there is no really young piece on the roster to get excited about besides Byrd, the rookie safety and they are way behind the eight-ball in that division. They still have to deal with Brady twice (who while he may have slipped is still good), the Jets with their defense and run game and a gritty Miami team that sees Parcells doing with the Dolphins what he did in Dallas, which was restock the talent cupboard. If it wasn't for the Raiders, the Bucs, the Rams and the Browns, it might be the worst job in the NFL.

  4. I saw Lou Holtz mentioned in a post, how many days into the spring practices does he go on ESPN and say Notre Dame will go undefeated this season?

  5. I know the Seahawks' "interviewed" the guy from Minnesota, and the Redskins interviewed Zorn's assistance before they fired him. Obviously these guys never had a chance and these team already knew who they were hiring.

    Touche with the DVR, Zanic. I have never used DVR and kind of fear the new technology!

    SHP as a fantasy hockey is possibly the worst category I've ever played with. But my team is terrible and I probably have no right to speak on the subject of fantasy hockey. I would have all Penguins if I could.

    Wannstache and Holtz are the exception, not the rule. Look at the Kansas head coach, Mike leach, and USF head coach to name a few more. I don't care how much of a punk a player is, don't lock him in a shed!

    I want to adopt Lou Holtz as my grandpa. I love how he is so openly biased toward Notre Dame and he gets to be on television every week and expect us to take everything else he says serious. Please don't think I am ripping Lou. I love him and all that he does on television. You know he applies for the ND head coaching job every year.