Tuesday, January 5, 2010

I'm a bad sports fan

I have no desire to watch the NFL playoffs. It will just frustrate me to no end.

The No. 1 reason, of course, is because the Pittsburgh Steelers lost too many winnable games and missed the playoffs. Instead, we get the New York Jets. Look back at the season, and the Steelers were literally six plays away from being 15-1. The one was the Cleveland Browns game where they looked like crap from start to finish. But it you go back to their other six losses, if they made a single play when they needed it, whether it be a stop on 4th down, or a made field goal, and they are easily in the playoffs.

Basically, this was the most frustrating Steelers season I have ever witnessed.

The Indianapolis Colts losing their perfect record in Week 16 is another reason I'm not interested in the playoffs. I would be glued to the television every weekend if the Colts or New Orleans Saints were still flirting with perfection. At least the Saints lost their chance when they were actually trying, rather than the Colts laying down and bringing in reserves the last two games.

The tank job has lead me to cheer against the Colts from now on, leaving no team in the AFC that I want to succeed in football or life. Phillip Rivers is a jerk, so I'm rooting against the San Diego Chargers; Bill Belichick is still the coach of New England, so I'm hoping they get swine flu; I will never cheer for the Cincinnati Bengals; that goes double for the Baltimore Ravens; and the Jets created the overuse of the word swagger this year, so I would like them to be buried along with that term.

The only decent storyline heading into the playoffs this year is Brett Favre potentially playing the Green Bay Packers in the NFC Championship. And if that happens it will be shoved down our throats until we suffocate.

Now just because I have no desire or care about what happens in the playoffs this year doesn't mean I won't watch them. I'm sure there will be some great football played. But just know I'm not excited about it.

Crosby, Stills and Nash - Love the One You're With

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