Tuesday, January 12, 2010

Kiffin to USC

Real quick post here. So ESPN is reporting Lane Kiffin is heading to USC to be the Trojans new head coach. He is taking his dad with him to run the defense after only one year at Tennessee.

Once again, a coach backs out of a contract and leaves a team for greener pastures. It is quite the theme in college athletics today and leaves a bitter taste in my mouth.

However, now that I think about it, would I or you do differently? Heck, if I was offered a higher paying and prestige job, I would probably give my two-week notice wherever I am and go to the better job. So who am I to criticize Kiffin, Rich Rod, Brian Kelly and the countless other coaches who leave one job for a better one?

I guess it just bothers me that a lot of college athletes choose a school based on the coach. When that coach leaves, after one year in Kiffin's case, he is leaving these kids who he persuaded to attend that institution. The coach probably tells recruits about the team's commitment to winning and how close close all the members of the squad are. Then the coach with the golden tongue leaves. He can coach the following season, if his players wish to follow, they are required to sit out a year. And that is what really gets me.

I would like to take this moment to let the Tennessee Volunteers that I am available for their head coaching position. It might take me a while to figure out the defense, but I am a hell of an offensive genius NCAA 2010. I will also guarantee I will coach until the end of my contract. A rare promise in this day and age.

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  1. I'm curious how USC fans are reacting to the hiring of Kiffin after being turned back by a few people (Riley, Del Rio, Fisher to name a few). The hiring of Kiffin alone does nothing for me. The bigger aspect is who he is bringing with him: his father to run the defense, Ed Ogeron (shitty headcoach, but helluva of a recruiter when he was at USC during Carroll's early years) and if the rumors are true Norm Chow back as the offense coordinator. I was hoping Herm Edwards would end up there because he is awful on ESPN and wanted another opportunity to see run a club into the ground while he spouts all sorts of platitudes.

    Now on the other hand, Tennessee seemed to love the guy, so they must be ready to jump off the ledge.

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  3. And my blog has received it's first spam! Thank you Jojo for the asian porn link that was posted, unfortunately I had to take it down.

  4. There was a link within all those characters? Should I be upset I missed it? Was it anime or the type of porn Pete Townsend would enjoy?

  5. First, Pete Townsend was doing research. You leave him alone as he wrote the greatest song in the history of music. Second, I did not spend enough time on the actual Web site. It could have been anime, but I wasn't sticking around to find out. Third, were you the one that posted it?

  6. First, you're right, Teenage Wasteland is the best song ever.
    Second, that's understandable, probably not safe for work anyway.
    Third, no, but you know you shouldn't give me ideas like that. If I do post any links now, I shouldn't be held responsible.