Wednesday, January 27, 2010

Favre haters loving life right now

All of you know who you are. You're the ones who are extremely giddy about Brett Favre finishing his postseason with his last pass being picked off... again.

While I was just as annoyed as everyone else with Favre's waffling the past few seasons, I still greatly respect the man and enjoy watching him play. Games are just more exciting when he plays. Onlookers have no idea what he is going to do next. He could complete a pass few would try, or he can look like an ass.

Favre will probably go back and forth all offseason, it's already started, but I'm hoping he comes back. By the way, Ed Werder needs to stop reporting the status of Favre. It's obvious he changes his mind often, so what is the point of reporting if Favre is not planning on coming back next year like Werder did earlier this week? This goes back to my belief that the media is just as much to blame about Favre's indecision issues as Favre is. If they didn't follow him every day and give him an outlet, we wouldn't hear about his future plans at least once a week.

Sorry for the rant. I just feel there is more going on in sports right now (Australian Open!) that deserves the media's attention.

Back to Sunday's game. Yes, Favre made a boneheaded play that factored in to his team's loss. But look at the whole game. His running backs were fumbling like crazy. They are just as much to blame as he is. Brad Childress didn't help. How do you come out of a timeout with 12 men in the huddle, coach?

People will quickly forget the fumbles and the poor coaching, though. All they will remember is Favre's poor decision, and that saddens me.

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  1. Yeah Childress' 12 men in the huddle penalty was worse than Favre's desparation interception throw. I heard that everyone is blaming the fullback that was the 12th man in, but you have to put that one on the coaches.

    I agree on the Favre comments. It's not really his fault that he's followed around by cameras. He knows he has to deal with it because he's an NFL icon.

    "Brett Favre is going to be 38 on October 10th. October 10th should be a national holiday."
    - Chris Berman