Monday, January 18, 2010

Offerman's whiff costs him job

How sweet is this video? Former MLB All-Star Jose Offerman gets pissed at an ump in the Dominican Winter League and takes a swing at him. Offerman missed pretty bad. I'm not sure how he missed, but he did. Yet the ump dropped to the ground. It was like a midcard WWE match.

As a result of Offerman's temper, he has been suspended from the Dominican Winter League for life. The umpire who was knocked over by the mere wind of Offerman's powerful swing (imagine how much it would have sucked had it landed clean), and a few of his fellow American umpires have left the league and fled the country out of fear for their lives.

We could make this a heck of a good movie if we took some creative liberties. Let's say Offerman is still pissed (he probably is) and makes it his goal in life to make sure these cheating umpires don't get out of the Dominican Republic alive. Offerman would have the home field advantage. Through his connection with the Dominican gangs (there have got to be a few, right?) he blocks certain escape roots the umpires try to take.

I could see the climax coming when the umps get on the plane, but Offerman is chasing them on one of those stair cars across the runway. The final fight scene will take place on the wing of the aircraft and will conclude when one of the umpires sacrifices himself by tackling Offerman into the engine so his friends can escape.

For all of you movie buffs, I just combined "The Warriors", "Who's Harry Crumb" and "Die Hard 2," to create a summer blockbuster. Can you dig it?

With that being said, this is not the first time Offerman has gone crazy. Remember this? You know? The time Jose Offerman chased the pitcher with his bat and took some serious cuts at him? He actually cracked the catcher in the head, who is suing Offerman for ending his career.

So this guy already has a history of being dangerous to those around him, yet he still got a job in baseball shortly after. If those in charge of the Dominican Winter League are surprised, they must not have televisions or are not too bright.

Does a rookie card increase or decrease in value with the level of player's craziness?

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  1. That guy's got some issues. Did you see that he was protesting a call that was made on Ronny Paulino? If that guy could have repeated his rookie year 20 times he'd be giving a speech at the Hall of Fame.