Tuesday, July 21, 2009

Yigo's other side

Yigo is the most gentle and timid dog I've ever owned or encountered. He is a snuggler that I have never seen growl or show his teeth in aggression before.

That changed yesterday at the dog park.

It was a beautiful day and Yigo, Sydney (parents' dog) and I went to the no-leash dog park to play. Sydney loved it. He was running around trying to herd all the other dogs and then steal treats from their owners. Yigo was not as outgoing.

At first, he played with some of the other dogs and followed Sydney. Then he decided to hide under a picnic table, and that is when it happened. If any dog other than Sydney approached him in his spot, Yigo showed his teeth and acted aggressive.

I was in shock. My gentle boy was not being very gentle. At first he took exception to a yellow lab that got too close, then all the dogs that got too close.

Now I may not be a dog expert, but I am pretty sure Yigo was scared of being in a new place. So he did what anyone would do, he found a safe place and kept strangers out.

Do not hold this against him! He did not act aggressive or growl at any humans. In fact, the other dog owners were petting Yigo while he was in his safe place and he was fine.

I guess I need to take him back more so he can get acclimated. We kind of had to leave anyway. Sydney had rounded up most of the other dogs into a corner, and I am pretty sure their owners were not entertained.

Blog is being funny and will not let me upload a cute picture of Yigo! Sorry.

Wild Night - Van Morrison

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