Tuesday, July 14, 2009

Home Run Derby Thoughts

I surprised myself and watched the entire Home Run Derby last night. It was fairly boring and I don't know what kept me watching. There was no big star like last year's Josh Hamilton, and I think the most anyone hit in one round was 11.


On to the the thoughts:
  • Nelson Cruz has a sweet beard.
  • Brandon Inge with the goose egg made Jason Bay smile somewhere.
  • Is this the first year they showed guys warming up in the the batting cage?
  • Who saw Joe Morgan going for the fist pound and Joe Buck shaking it? Get with the times, Buck.
  • It seemed like Albert Pujols was taking it more serious than the others. Home field pressure?
  • I think Pujols would have dominated had Brad Lidge pitched to him.
  • If I coached the youngsters in the outfield, they would be running laps next practice for all the drops.
  • They should put giant balloons filled with prizes throughout the stands for the batters to hit. There just are not enough targets out there.
  • As Ryan Howard was batting, little kids were wrestling behind him. So not a good idea.
  • Prince Fielder crushed one over 500 feet, and he does not eat meat.
  • The derby is way too long. I think you should only get five outs for first two rounds and then get 10 for the final. The big rounds are usually the first and end up meaningless. Let's leave the batters' some more energy to go nuts in the final round.
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1 comment:

  1. Nelson Cruz's home run swing is also sweet.

    I'm pretty sure they've done the cage shots for a couple of years.

    I did catch Morgan's fist pound that turned into a gay handshake by Joe Buck.

    Ending the derby with 10 outs is an interesting idea. I think they just want the first round to be a show while everyone is fresh. The real derby winner isn't always the one that is remembered, like Morneau last year.

    One thing you left out in your observations was Pujols getting the hometown break on that one the fan caught over the railing. They showed it in slow motion and it definitely would have been a double in the regular season.