Thursday, July 23, 2009

Reilly got it right

Short blog today. I am heading to the Phillies game tonight. I am curious to experience Philly fans up close and personal. Who knows, maybe I will be spit on.

If you have not read Rick Reilly's most recent ESPN Magazine column, I highly recommend it. He calls out Tiger Woods for all of his childish temper tantrums on the golf course.

I loved it. Woods is a professional and acts like it, except when he stinks it up on the course. I'm glad someone in the media spoke out against these immature outbursts.

Woods' celebrations are fine. They are not over the top. I give a fist pump when I spell check this blog and have no errors. But to throw a club because you hit a ball in the rough is ridiculous. Maybe a missed putt for the lead calls for some anger, but flipping out after every other bad shot is terrible etiquette. Especially in golf.

Media and fans alike have been questioning the column, but it is right on. And Reilly is much more qualified to talk about the subject than just about any one. He has been covering golf's majors as long as I have been alive and respects the game a great deal.

The column was also fair. Reilly pointed out all of the great things Woods does. He just does not appreciate Woods' tantrums, and neither should we.

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  1. Great post, but the more important issue: you make a poll on bears and you don't add Panda? How could you do such a thing?

  2. I vote for Grizzly Bear in honor of the Grizzly Man. There are just too many bears to choose from.

    Definitely my favorite line so far on your blog: "I give a fist pump when I spell check this blog and find no errors." That was very Pensblog-esque.

  3. Pandas will only raise one cub and let the other one die if they give birth to twins. I do not respect that. They are on the endangered species list, yet they let cubs die? That is like asking to die out.