Monday, July 20, 2009

Winning is not everything

I was watching Mike and Mike in the Morning on ESPN 2 this morning and Cris Carter was filling in for Mike Golic. Little kids probably do not listen to the show or watch it on television, but Carter's perspective on losing rubbed me the wrong way and could have a bad effect on young athletes.

He basically said that winning is everything, and guys like Andy Roddick and Tom Watson should not be proud or happy with their second-place finishes.

They surprised everyone in their respected sports and played great. Yeah, they lost, but I have been taught that winning is not everything ever since I began playing sports.

Hearing Carter declare that winning is everything and everyone must "maximize their abilities," just gets me mad. Sports are friggin games and games are meant to be fun. I am a very competitive person, but after a soccer game or tennis match is over, I move on. As long as I had fun, I'm satisfied. I might talk about the event a day later, but I'm not going out and punishing myself. Actually, last tennis match I lost, I rewarded myself with the greasiest pizza I've ever seen.

As a former pro athlete, Carter is a role model to young athletes. If they had heard this, they would think winning is everything. That kind of attitude leads to lots of tears and is not healthy.

I think Carter deserves to be in the Hall of Fame. He was one of the best receivers to play the game and has the numbers to get in. But he has no championships in his career. By his way of thinking, should he decline his invite to the Hall of Fame when they come calling because he did not "mazimize his abilities?" Would he be a hypocrite if he accepts?

My issue here really is him going on the air and telling people that athletes fail unless they are champions. He can have that opinion, but I wish he kept it to himself. Now I feel like a loser.

But greasy pizza is only a phone call away.

You're the Best - Joe Esposito (It's from the Karate Kid. Yeahhhh, now you recognize it!)


  1. Why were you awake that early? I really don't think Carter is seen as a role model anyway. Wasn't he the ESPN guy that said that if he were a teammate of TO that he'd put a bullet in him? Awesome player, but should never be listened to. Hope that makes you not feel like a loser.

    I agree though with your point. Especially with Watson, who nobody thought could even make the cut. At least Roddick is talented enough that a tournament run wouldn't be that surprising in relation to Watson.

    Also, does that mean Vincent's is your favorite pizza place now? Or was that sentence just a technicality because you had that and Fiori's in an artery-threatening time span of 2 hours?

  2. The time stamp on my blog is incorrect. I need to remedy that. I was not up at 6:30 this morning.

    Fiori's is No. 1 in my heart.