Friday, July 31, 2009

Poll results

Last week's poll showed that most of my loyal readers think that the polar bear or the brown bear is the best kind of bear.

For the two of you that voted for koala, I am kind of embarrassed for you. While koalas are no doubt cute and cuddly (see photo above), they are not bears. Koalas are marsupials and have pouches. I appreciate you participating in the poll, but do your research next time!

Black bears only got two votes. compared to the five brown and polar bears got. I hope that Jesse Jackson and Rev. Al Sharpton don't read the results (they might!). If they do they would probably appear on several shows denouncing my blog and calling it racist.

My other concern about polar bears being the best bear is that they are in trouble. The ice is melting. Pretty soon they won't be able to hunt seals and they will all die in the wild. Of course, if that continues, sea levels will rise and half the U.S. will be under water. So we probably won't be too worried about the polar bear population.

My friend Swan made a strong argument for polar bears though. He brought up the talking ones from the "Golden Compass." They were pretty bad ass and definitely give their race some bonus points.

But the brown bear made a wonderful appearance in "Anchorman," so they are no strangers to the big screen. There was also the brown bear from "The Edge," that hunted down Anthony Hopkins and Alec Baldwin. Hopkins and Baldwin won out in the end, but that bear killed one man, and tracked his enemies through the wilderness. That kind of effort can't be overlooked and he deserved better than a spear through the heart.

If I ruined the movie for you, I don't care. You should have already seen it.

Beast of Burden - Rolling Stones

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