Friday, July 17, 2009

A Rags to Riches Tale, Part Two

Before I officially adopted Yigo, I had to be a approved by one of the shelter's volunteers. it makes sense, as they want to make sure you're not going to fight or abandon the dogs. However, the guy interviewing me made me incredibly uncomfortable. There were no smiles or small talk, just an unyielding stare.

"How long have you lived here?" the teenager asked.

"Since March," I replied.

That's when he started writing something down and made a disapproving face. It felt like I had lost 20 adoption points.

The judge approved me after 15 nervous minutes, but seemed like he regretted what he was doing. Now I just needed to wait a day for Yigo to get neutered and vaccinated and I had my own boonie dog!

When I picked Yigo up at the vet's the next day he looked scared, stoned and in pain. The little guy did just have his privates snipped and they were quickly shriveling away. What an awful way for them to go.

At first, Yigo was frightened of every doorway. He refused to leave the vet's office, get in the car, get out of the car, enter my building, get in the elevator, get out of the elevator, and go into my apartment. Once I got him in his new home, he fell asleep on his food dish and passed out as I went back to work.

So he had gone from living outside for five to eight months, to living in the penthouse with an ocean view.

The first few nights I did not go out, I just hung out with my boy. The poor thing was infested with ticks and fleas from living outside for so long. I must have plucked 50 ticks off him in the first two nights, which I then took to the bathroom sink and popped. Suck on that, PETA.

He became one of the most popular people in my complex. Little kids and adults alike would call out his name every time we walked the perimeter. More people knew his name than knew mine.

Rather than running the streets looking for food and water, Yigo was running along the beach next to me trying to meet every person he could. I recommend all of you guys out there get a dog and run the beach. I always thought it was fiction that they attracted the ladies, but I was wrong. Women that would normally not glance twice at me were stopping me and asking all about Yigo. He did not know I had a girlfriend, but I appreciated his effort to help me with the ladies.

The strangest thing I noticed about Yigo is the dude did not bark. OK, he sometimes barked at the boonie dogs that lived next to our complex, but I've never met or owned such a quiet dog. Other dogs will yipp their heads off at him, and Yigo will just look back at them or try to play. He's never growled or bitten anyone. The latter is probably because he has no bite force. He's not the best tug of war player.

I'll save the rest for tomorrow.

Hunger Strike - Temple of the Dog (are you seeing a pattern here. Yeah I'm lame and I don't care.)

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