Monday, September 28, 2009

Poll results: Swayze's best movie

The votes are in and Road House has been picked as the late Patrick Swayze's best film.

What was it about that movie that swayed the voters? Could it be the scene where he rips a man's throat out with his bare hand? Was it the fact that his love interest in the movie, played by Kelly Lynch, looked creepily similar to Swayze twin sister if he had one? Or maybe it was the way he delivered the brilliant line, "pain don't hurt."

While I agree with America on this topic, I was surprised that Point Break only received two votes. That film really had everything any movie fan wanted: bank robbing surfers, Keanu Reeves in his prime and a Mythbusters episode dedicated to it. I haven't seen every Mythbusters, but I know that other films they have honored were Indiana Jones, Jaws and Entrapment. Not bad company to keep, except for Entrapment. It's hard for a Sean Connery movie to be bad, but Entrapment was.

Red Dawn and Dirty Dancing tying with one vote apiece was also eye-raising. I take it as proof that I have one female reader, because no self respecting man would risk voting for Dirty Dancing. If his friends ever found out, he would never live it down.

How Red Dawn only got one vote is beyond me. Haven't you ever wondered what we would do if the Soviet Union ever invaded? Well Red Dawn answered that question. Patrick Swayze would take a gorilla force into the hills and kick the communists' butts back to Russia. The only way that movie could have been better is if Swayze's character was immortal like the the Highlander. Imagine him fighting through the enemy lines to face the Soviet general, also an immortal, in an epic sword fight with the winner taking the other's head. I smell Oscar.

Ghost didn't get a vote even though it was the only one of these films to be nominated for a Best Picture Oscar. That just goes to show you how wrong the Academy can be.

It's a shame Swayze's career slowed down the past 10 years or so. Imagine him as Jack Bauer. One minute he'd be killing terrorists with his pinkie, the next he'd be wooing would be informants with his smooth dance skills. He probably could have pulled off the role of Optimus Prime without the CGI. No way Megatron would kick Swayze's ass. Now picture him as Aragorn carrying hobbits around for three movies.

Anyone else getting goosebumps?

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  1. I voted for the so hard to choose one choice, because Road House and Point Break were too tough to decide between. I mean Road House gives you the "awesome" plot of drifter with a good heart, troubled past and Ph.D comes into town and decided to clean up the bar and clean up the town. And the scene with the throat rip is epic. Point Break gives you the trio of Swayze, Keanu and the underrated Gary Busey. Too tough to pick just one.

  2. I strongly agree with the Gary Busey comment. Rickel, how did you leave him out of the Point Break analysis? Have you never seen I'm With Busey?!?!

  3. I must admit I am ashamed I did not mention Busey. I did see several episodes of the show. My favorite was when they went to play paintball and Busey was very into it. Did you know he was also in the first Lethal Weapon? He was the evil mercenary that Mel Gibson fought hand to hand at the end. That was all before the motorcycle accident that stole his brain.

  4. I am your one female reader that voted for Dirty Dancing, it was the only one I've seen.