Thursday, September 3, 2009

"24" in a nutshell

I've had friends tell me for years how amazing "24" is. How Jack Bauer is the greatest person and biggest bad ass in the world. This fanaticism turned me off of the show and I never watched -- until now.

The show is definitely intense, with every episode ending with a cliffhanger that makes you need to watch the next one. Through three seasons, I think I can fairly rate the show. The short story would be it's like crack, or any other addictive drug. It's not good, the acting is pretty laughable at times, but it's addictive and hard to quit.

So rather than give an in depth review of the first three seasons, (they're on to eight, so I have a ways to go) I figured I'd give you some observations. I just love lists too much to resist.

  • Don't get attached to any character not named Jack Bauer. They will disappear without explanation when the next season comes around. Or they will die.
  • The main agency in the show is the Los Angeles Counter Terrorist Unit. They are tasked with saving the day every season, yet they have the worst security ever. Any bad guy owns them.
  • CTU is also constantly infiltrated by bad guys, or the bad guys get to agents. You'd expect them to be a little harder to find. On the other hand, they are not the CIA.
  • How there still is an L.A. branch of CTU is beyond me. In the three seasons I've seen, the agents die by the score. I'd say for every bad guy taken out, there are five CTU agents dying.
  • The show hates women. They're either very dumb, or get the crap beat out of them, and/or are killed.
  • You will want Kim Bauer to die or go off to college. Her good looks only go so far before her annoying character and bad acting bother you.
  • Harrison Ford would be the greatest Jack Bauer. Even at age 70.
  • You'll be on the edge of your seat waiting for the President to try and sell you car insurance.
  • Lou Diamond Phillips is awesome.
  • The whole 24 hours in real time is a neat idea, but it hurts the show. They really stretch out the seasons to fill their 24 show requirement.
  • Jack Bauer's character is loosly based on the life of a friend of mine we'll call Levi. Levi just doesn't know it yet.
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