Tuesday, September 8, 2009

Chad Ochocinco

He was on First and 10 this morning debating with Skip Bayless about, well, himself. They were also talking about other prima donna receivers. I had to stop watching because it was a mind numbing conversation.

Ochocinco was his usual immature self, and I found myself in an awkward position. I agreed with Skip! He was calling Ochocinco (do I really need to type that name every time?) and Terrell Owens distractions to their teams. Chad said Bayless had no idea what he was talking about and that he and T.O. are not. He had no reasoning or defense. Just that T.O. wants to win.

No, that is not all T.O., or Chad want. They want to be the center of attention. That's why one of them started a phony reality show and the other changed his name to his number in spanish.

There is no doubting they are awesome talents. The numbers don't lie. But they are not team players. If all they cared about was winning, why is it they have zero Super Bowl rings between them? In the case of T.O., he forced himself off a Super Bowl contender in Philadelphia. Look at his numbers and the Eagles' record when he played for them. He and McNabb were awesome together. But that wasn't good enough for T.O.

As for Chad, he is coming off a terrible year. He said he's not a distraction. Well what about his constant trade demands last season? If he is so great, how come the Bengals have made the playoffs all of one time since he joined the squad? He can't argue that he doesn't get the ball enough. He's had 87 or more receptions in five of the last six seasons.

It's time for receivers to stop worrying about their stats and start worrying about wins. They remind of that annoying kid we all used to play backyard football with. You know, the guy who is constantly whining how open he is. Now these guys usually suck, whereas Chad and T.O. are pro bowl receivers, but I still think the argument stands.

They are not thinking about the type of position the quarterback is in. Maybe he is being rushed, or he is going through is progression and sees another receiver open.

It's not all about you, Chad and T.O.

Waiting - Soulcracker (Good luck finding that one)

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