Friday, September 25, 2009

Fantasy preview

So what if I missed the first two weeks? I'm going to try and do a fantasy football blog every Friday or Saturday. I am no fantasy genius, but I watch a lot of football and think I have a decent grasp on the topic. Let's do this!

Players to start:
  • Any and all Green Bay Packers - They are playing the Rams so they should score a lot of points and hold the Rams to single digits.
  • Any and all New Orleans Saints - OK, so these first two are no brainers.
  • Denver D/ST - While the fact that only the Jets are giving up less than yards per game is a product of their schedule, the Broncos are playing the Raiders and should continue to put up solid numbers. Raiders' QB Jamarcus Russell is 19-for-54 this season with two picks. Expect Champ Bailey to have one. Also, Robert Gallery is out, so Russell with be in a hurry most of the game.
  • Willis McGahee - He's averaging almost 5 yards per carry and has four touchdowns. He's playing the Cleveland Browns, who gave up 180 yards to Adrian Peterson and a combined 151 yards to Correll Buckhalter and Knowshon Moreno. He also seems to have taken over the goal line duties from La'Ron McLain.
  • Mark Sanchez - OK, so last month I told fantasy owners to stay away from him because he was a rookie with little college experience and questionable wide receivers. I'm here to tell you I was wrong. The Tennessee Titans gave up 300+ yards in their first two games. Don't expect Sanchez to replicate the yards, but 250 and two scores is definitely doable.
  • Steve Slaton - He stops sucking this week thanks to a mediocre Jacksonville Jaguars defense that gave up more than 100 yards on the ground to the Arizona Cardinals. He can't fumble in every game, can he?
  • Matt Schaub/Andre Johnson - The Jags' pass defense has been poor as well.
  • Maurice Jones-Drew - You're going to start him no matter what, but the Texans have been especially bad against the run this year.
  • Kevin Smith - The Detroit Lions still suck, but the Washington Redskins have been pretty bad as well. Their offense only managed nine points last week against the St. Louis Rams. The Lions will stay in the game and Smith will have his best day yet this season.
  • Felix Jones - Marion Barber won't be 100 percent if he plays, and the Carolina Panthers defense has been pretty bad.
  • Willie Parker - There is a lot of talk in Pittsburgh of Fast Willie being washed up. He's not and this is the game where he proves it.
  • Jay Cutler - The Seattle Seahawks have some big injuries to the defense and Cutler threw for two scores against a tough Pittsburgh Steelers team last week. Expect at least two scores this week.
  • Philadelphia D/ST - If your league gives one point for sacks, the Eagles are going to have a good day. If you r league gives two points per sack, they're going to have a great day.
Players not to start/won't have big days:
  • Frank Gore - You took him in the the first or second round and have been rewarded so far. The Minnesota Vikings are going to stack the box and force Shaun Hill to beat them. Gore will be lucky to have 60 yards.
  • Cleveland Browns - They suck. Seriously, they and the Rams might go 0-16 this year.
  • New England Patriots running backs - The Atlanta Falcons defense is pretty solid and the Patriots don't run the ball with any of their 20 running backs.
  • Matt Cassel - The Philadelphia Eagles are going to sack him... a lot.
  • Vikings receivers - The San Francisco 49ers defense is actually good this year. Also, Brett Favre only attempted three passes longer than 10 yards last week. Expect a lot of Adrian Peterson and not a lot of passing.
  • Michael Turner - Like Gore, you're going to start Turner every week, but I see this game as a shootout with very little running in the second half.
  • Seahawks - Quarterback Matt Hasselbeck is not going to play, and look at how they did last year when he was hurt most of the season.
  • Joseph Addai - The Cardinals have been great against the run dating back to the Super Bowl last year. It helps that Addai hasn't been the same since his rookie year and he's splitting carries with rookie Donald Brown.
  • Tampa Bay running backs - The New York Giants gave up a lot of rushing yards to the Dallas Cowboys last week, but I think they remedy that this week. I also expect the Giants to score a lot and force the Bucs to pass most of the game.
  • Falcons and Patriots Def/ST - As posted up above, I think this is going to be a shootout. One of these defenses might have negative points this week.
Sunday Updates: Make sure you get Brian Westbrook, Kevin Curtis, Dwayne Bowe, Wes Welker and Domenik Hixon out of your lineups. They are all inactive.

Let it Roll Down the Highway - Bachman Turner Overdrive

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