Friday, September 18, 2009

Beard of depression

Ever notice how movies and television shows try to show you a character is depressed by giving him that scruff beard look?

I didn't until a friend of mine, we'll call him Fick Nell, pointed it out after we saw X-Men: The Last Stand. Cyclops was all sad about his girlfriend dying, so he had a lovely beard of depression going on.

After that conversation with Fick, I have noticed it in countless movies and shows. Jack Bauer had it in 24 at the beginning of Season 2. I won't spoil it for you, but his wife dies in Season 1.

Those are just two examples, but please, look for it and you'll know it's true. Now the question is; why does Hollywood think that a scruff or unkept beard is a sign of sadness?

Beards are glorious things in hockey. The uglier and worse the beard, the better. It's when you shave that beard that you become depressed. That mean's your team is out of the playoffs.

I know when I am sad, I don't stop taking care of myself and forget about hygiene. Am I the exception? I always thought we men went with scruff look because A) we're lazy or B) razors are expensive and we're trying to save money. I have never noticed my friends not shaving because they were just so sad they didn't care anymore.

Where did Hollywood come up with this idea, and is there a female equivalent? I haven't noticed it yet, but I'm on the lookout.

Legs - ZZ Top


  1. As for this post, I always think of the Swingers scene where Favreau has the beard of depression.

    Now for the real point. Rickel, since I am your only official follower and most avid commentor, I think you need to give the people what they want...a list or countdown of baseball intros.

    I'll start it off...

    Albert Pujols - You're the Best Around
    Ichiro Suzuki - Turning Japanese
    Michael Roarty - Fat Bottom Girls

  2. I totally grew a depression beard this summer. The movies got it right. Then again, I probably did this because the movies told me I should.