Thursday, December 16, 2010

Week 15 picks: Vikings having worst year of all teams

By Jeff

They have a better record than six other teams, but can you really argue against the Minnesota Vikings having the worst season this year?

First, breakout receiver Sidney Rice decided to put off hip surgery immediately following the season. Instead, he waits until summer and ends up sittingon the PUP list and missing more than half the season.

Second, the team was basically taken hostage by Brett Favre. They ended up sending a private plane with several of Favre's friends to talk him into coming back. As ridiculous as that was, the team had to do it. Would you feel comfortable with Tavaris Jackson as your quarterback after Favre led them to the NFC Championship game last year? Hate on Favre all you want, but he needed enablers.

Third, Percy Harvin has the worst case of migraines ever documented. It's hard to rely on a guy to be your go-to receiver when he might be knocked out for weeks at a time without warning.

Fourth, the Favre the team got this year was not the Favre from last season. Just look at his facial expressions and his body language. Like Rice, he waited to get a procedure done on his ankle and probably has not been close to 100 percent all year. But instead of taking a few weeks off, he had to keep his streak alive for as long as he could.

Fifth, Brad Childress. The team had improved every year under his watch, but this year he made every wrong move a coach could make. He divided the team by catering to one player (Favre), coached poorly, made terrible personnel decisions (Randy Moss fiasco) and lost the support of pretty much everyone involved with the team.

Sixth, Mother Nature crapped all over them and destroyed their homefield.

Seventh, the team has no quarterback for their future and no hope for the top pick. They could be this bad for a while, especially when you factor in how their offensive and defensive lines are deteroriating.

Enough about the hopeless Vikings though, it's time for Week 15's pick. I finished last week 9-7 and improved to 93-108-6 on the season. Three weeks to break .500. I can do it!

The miss of last week was a tie. I had the Denver Bronocs and the Seattle Seahawks covering. They both got stomped. Whatever. Who cares about the AFC and NFC West Divisions anyway?

The home teams are in caps.

Seems about right.
SAN DIEGO (-9.5) over San Francisco: Philip Rivers vs. Alex Smith. This could have been a really great matchup if Smith developed into a good quarterback like Rivers did. But he wasn't and the Chargers will roll. Is anyone else annoyed with the fact the Chargers only try for half the season and still end up winning their divisions?

Kansas City (+1) over ST. LOUIS: I never thought I'd say that Matt Cassel's return will lift a team to victory. But that's what will happen this week.

Houston (+1.5) over TENNESSEE: OK, Mario Williams is out for the season and the Texans have nothing to play for. But neither do the Titans.

INDIANAPOLIS (-5) over Jacksonville: Unless Jacksonville scores a meaningless touchdown as time expires to cover the spread. Damn you, Jeff Fisher!

Arizona (+2.5) over CAROLINA: Worst game of the week? Not quite.

Cleveland (+1.5) over CINCINNATI: Worst game of the week.

At least he's better than John Beck was.
MIAMI (-5.5) over Buffalo: Remember when everyone thought Chad Henne was ready to take the next step? Too bad no one specified that said step would be backward.

Philadelphia (+2.5) over NEW YORK GIANTS: I'm taking the Eagles any time they get points with the way they and Michael Vick are playing.

Washington (+6) over DALLAS: The Redskins suck, Jon Kitna hasn't been terrible and the Cowboys will win this game. It just won't be by six points or more.

TAMPA BAY (-5.5) over Detroit: Teams with losing records do not beat th Bucs. Fact.

New Orleans (+1.5) over BALTIMORE: Short week for Baltimore and Saints offense that is clicking will result in a big win for the home team. If I were Sean Peyton, I'd be a very rich and happy man. But I would also a lot of no-huddle. The Ravens' defense was sucking wind as the Texans pushed the tempo and rallied in the fourth quarter last week. Do it for more than a quarter and I don't think they have the energy to close out the game.

Atlanta (-6) over SEATTLE: Not even the homefield advantage in Seattle will help this crappy Seahawks team.

Which one is the roommate from "Transformers 2"
and which one is Mark Sanchez?
 Or are they one in the same?
PITTSBURGH (-6) over New York Jets: That is a lot of points for Pittsburgh to give a 9-4 team. Especially when you consider the Steelers have only scored one offensive touchdown in the past two games. But the Jets haven't scored any touchdowns at all in the past two games. I guess the line makes sense if you look at those trends.

OAKLAND (-6.5) over Denver: I would like to thank Kyle Orton for abandoning my fantasy team when I needed him the most. Not even the whole interim head coach strategy could help this team. Look, the Raiders aren't good. But the Cardinals are terrible and they embarassed the Broncos last week. Expect more of the same.

NEW ENGLAND (-11) over Green Bay: Tom Brady vs. Matt Flynn. Yikes.

Chicago (-3) over MINNESOTA (at TCF Bank Stadium): I get that the Bears were destroyed last week in a game that was supposed to suit their game, but only giving three points to a team likely to start a rookie quarterback? Seems low.

Queen and David Bowie - Under Pressure


  1. i'm with you on most of these


    i think dallas will put the redskins in the "boo box" (to reference the great childhood film "hook.") the season's done for them and there's no team they enjoy beating more than the skins. this is the home superbowl they'll have to settle for.

  2. You're probably right. Love the home Super Bowl Line. I just can' pick Jon Kitna.

  3. man.. i've been struggling to justify picking a ton of guys this year. kitna, anderson smith (x2), skelton.. the list goes on and on.

  4. Sounds like Swan took your advice on tonight's game, so you should feel shame if he loses money, but look for a cut if he wins. Do it.