Wednesday, December 22, 2010

Boise State getting screwed again

By Jeff

Does anyone else find it weird that since Boise State defeated Oklahoma 43-42 in the 2006 Fiesta Bowl, the Broncos of the blue turf haven't been given another shot at a top program when the bowl season rolls around?

Despite an undefeated record last season, the Broncos were matched up against TCU in the Fiesta Bowl. It was a great game, but it gave critics of Boise State plenty of ammo when saying the team doesn't have the big wins it takes to compete for a national championship. Broncos haters can say they beat a similar team in TCU, which despite being ranked high, didn't have any big wins.

This year, despite an 11-1 record, the Broncos are playing Utah in the Maaco Bowl. Like Boise State, Utah plays in a weak conference and their success has traditionally been downplayed by the big conferences. So once again, even if Boise State wins the bowl game and finish 12-1, they won't get much recognition. Most people will shrug their shoulders and move on.

While I generally don't mind the BCS (Yes, I said it.), this part of the bowl season really bugs me. I understand that the individual bowls send out invitations to specific teams, so this could have been the best offer the Broncos received. I just wish that a bowl selection committee (Is that what they call themselves? I just threw it out there.) would gamble a little bit and give us a game that let's us determine if the Broncos are on the same level as the big conference programs.

Wouldn't it be great to watch the Broncos take on an SEC powerhouse like Alabama or LSU? What about Missouri or Oklahoma State? Boise State against any of these teams would help answer the question as to whether they can stand with the big dogs. Personally, I already think they answered this. They are just as good as most SEC, Big Ten, etc. teams,  but I might be in the minority with this thinking.

Man, that was a weak post. I swear it made more sense in my head. Oh well. I took the time to write it and I'm not deleting it!

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