Thursday, December 3, 2009

What to do with Vick

Coming into the 2009-2010 NFL season, there was a lot of buzz about Michael Vick. A lot of analysts/media people seemed to think he would greatly help a team because of the Wildcat craze that we can thank the Miami Dolphins for.

Vick then signed a two-year deal with the Philadelphia Eagles, and some of these same analysts and media people thought this was the beginning of the end of Donovan McNabb with the Eagles. Those people have to be feeling pretty ridiculous right now.

Rather than gradually taking more and more snaps away from McNabb, Vick has thrown for... wait for it... prepare yourself... six yards! He is 3-for-9 and has run for a whopping 65 yards. So much for Vick going crazy with the Wildcat and making the Eagles' offense impossible to gameplan for.

I don't have a stat in front of me to prove this, but I'm pretty sure rookie running back LeSean McCoy has more snaps at quarterback under the Wildcat formation than Vick. If McCoy doesn't, then it's certainly close.

The big question now is, what is Vick's future? Will he be a backup for the rest of his career, or will a team in need of a quarterback (Oakland, Buffalo, St. Louis, Carolina to name a few) go out and take a risk? I don't think he will be a starter again.

It is good that he was allowed back in the league without further punishment, and I fully supported the decision, but his career might be over after this year. Maybe someone takes a chance on him after and injury, but I think the two years off really hurt him. And let's be honest, he was a mediocre quarterback completing around 53 percent of passes before the two years off. He never threw for more than 3,000 yards and he never had 20 tocuhdown passes. That is OK if you manage a game well, but he didn't do that either.

Anyone still think McNabb is feeling threatened?

By the way, all of you Philadelphia fans that don't liuke McNabb and boo him, you don't know much about football. Despite only having a star receiver for a season and a half, McNabb consistently puts up solid numbers and is a top 5 quarterback. You are lucky to have him and are going to miss him when he leaves. I guarantee it.

I almost forgot there was a football game tonight. Thursday NFL games are stupid. Teams have three days of rest and are expected to play at the top of their games. It doesn't make sense to me.

Anyway, New York Jets 17, Buffalo Bills 10: So I missed last week when I thought Mark Sanchez would play worse than Jake Delhomme and cost the Jets the game. More proof that you should never, ever, pick Delhomme to win a game. I think Sanchez only turns the ball over twice, rather than five times, giving the Jets the wins.

When in Rome - The Promise

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  1. Mr. Vick had his biggest game yet this weekend. Throwing for a TD and running for a TD. And I agree that he will never be a starting QB in the NFL unless someone is really desperate.