Sunday, December 13, 2009

Week 14 picks

Normally I would be excited for a 10-6 week, but then the Steelers lost to the Oakland Raiders and the Cleveland Browns in less than a week. It will be hard to get excited for the last three weeks of the season. All I got going for me is the hope of beating the Baltimore Ravens next week. Wishful thinking the way we're playing, but the Ravens have been sucking lately too!

On with the picks.

The St. Louis Rams and Tampa Bay Buccaneers will lose again this week. I learned my lesson last week when I picked the Bucs for an upset.

New Orleans Saints 27, Atlanta Falcons 10: It's looking like Matt Ryan and Michael Turner won't play, so the Falcons have very little chance in this one.

Green Bay Packers 30, Chicago Bears 17: Watching Jay Cutler fail in Chicago has been one of the bright spots of this season. Nevermind that there are two 12-0 teams for the first time in NFL history, this is the type of stuff that makes me happy. Last time these two teams squared off was in Week 1 and Cutler threw a bunch of picks. It's going to happen again, and I'm stoked.

Indianapolis Colts 27, Denver Broncos 17: If this game were in Denver, it would be closer, but I just can't see Kyle Orton coming into Indy and walking away with a win. Maybe if it were Week 16 or 17 and Jim Sorgi was leading the Colts.

Kansas City Chiefs 16, Buffalo Bills 10: Snore.

Minnesota Vikings 24, Cincinnati Bengals 10: You shut down Cedric Benson and the Bengals' running game, and you are in good shape to beat them. The Vikings can stuff the run, and Vikings' offense is well-balanced. I also despite the Bengals and wish them the worst every week.

New England Patriots 21, Carolina Panthers 6: Just my luck that the Patriots play a soft team like the Panthers when Brady is dealing with all kinds of hurt.

Jacksonville Jaguars 24, Miami Dolphins 23: If you can tell me how to predict how either of these teams will play week-to-week, I would greatly appreciate it.

Baltimore Ravens 34, Detroit Lions 10: Is it sad that my first thought about this game was "Even the Steelers beat the Lions,"?

Houston Texans 24, Seattle Seahawks 21: Texans' coach Gary Kubiak is probably canned after this season if the Texans don't finish better than 8-8. I don't think they will, but I do think they win this game.

Washington Redskins 27, Oakland Raiders 13: I love meaningless games in December. The Redskins have been playing well lately and the Raiders are coming off their biggest win in years. It might actually be a good game.

San Diego Chargers 31, Dallas Cowboys 24: Early in the season I am quoted in this blog as saying the Chargers were not a quality team. I think another apology blog post is on the horizon.

Philadelphia Eagles 27, New York Giants 24: Predicting what the Giants will do this season if almost as tough as picking Jags games. The Eagles won the first meeting 40-17 and will win this one too.

Arizona Cardinals 34, San Francisco 49ers 17: Dear Mike Singletary, thank you for changing to a pass-heavy, spread offense for the final weeks of the season. Now I have no running backs on my fantasy team with potential for 20+ points. What are my chances you give Frank Gore more than 15 touches this week. No? Damn you.

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