Sunday, December 6, 2009

Week 13 picks

Look out people! I'm rolling! 11-5 last week, 12-4 the week prior, there is no stoppiong this train I'm on! Bonus points to anyone who can tell me what videogame I got that phrase from. What will these bonus points do for you? The glory of being as big of a nerd as me!

Let's rock.

St. Louis Rams and Cleveland Browns will be stomped this week, but the Tampa Bay Buccanneers will get their second win of the season. Imagine how bad Matt Moore must be if he is BEHIND Jake Delhomme, Scary thought, right?

Philadelphia Eagles 27, Atlanta Falcons 13: Michael Turner is not playing and the Falcons have been struggling this week. I never know which Eagles team is going to show up, but I'm feeling good about them this week.

Cincinnati Bengals 30, Detroit Lions 7: The Lions are about to be included in the original three group. Other than that win against the Browns, their games are just sad to watch.

Indianapolis Colts 33, Tennessee Titans 17: How does Vince Young do what he does. I don't understand it, but it obviously works and he should never be counted out. Peyton Manning is rolling this year, though. And let's be honest, he's one person you never want to bet against.

Denver Broncos 24, Kansas City Chiefs 13: What's more disturbing, me dreaming that Kyle Orton throws for 600 yards in a win today, or the fact I am dreaming about the Denver Broncos?

New England Patriots 35, Miami Dolphins 13: The Patriots haven't lost two games in a row in like five years. Bill Belichick will run this score up to make himself feel better about last week. The Dolphins also don't have the weapons to keep pace.

Pittsburgh Steelers 30, Oakland Raiders 3: Unleash hell, baby!

New Orleans Saints 28, Washington Redskins 10: The Redskins D is really good this year. Their offense really isn't. The Saints are great on both sides. One a side note, I really hate Alexander Ovechkin. And for all of you people (only Caps fans) who think his knee-on-knee hits are not dirty, and the other players' fault, you are clueless homers.

Houston Texans 30, Jacksonville Jaguars 17: Shut down MJD, shut down the Jaguars. I think the Texans accomplish this goal and get back in the Wild Card hunt, but they will still finish 8-8.

Dallas Cowboys 27, New York Giants 21: What happened to the Giants?

San Francisco 49ers 24, Seattle Seahawks 17: The 49ers are switching to a pass-heavy offense, and with the emergence of Michael Crabtree and Vernon Davis as a receiver, they can make it work. Even with Alex Smith at QB. Frank Gore is also still a threat to score and will keep the defense on their toes. I'm looking for a positive for the Seahawks, but I'm struggling.

Arizona Cardinals 27, Minnesota Vikings 20: I'm putting my roll on a risk with this pick. Kurt Warner should play (once again, this pick reverses if he's out) and the Vikings haven't had to face this kind of offense this year. The Cardinals are not the Bears, or the Lions, they are a solid team that could shut down Adrian Peterson.

Green Bay Packers 27, Baltimore Ravens 17: The Packers got a wake-up call after that loss to the Bucs. They have been playing solid football since that game and they are gonig to continue this week. Then, they will take Joe Flacco, shave his unibrow and restore balance to the world.

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  1. Nice call on the Steeler game. Who loses to the Raiders AND the Chiefs?

  2. Who talks smack under "anonymous"?

  3. That's for you to answer Rickel. I am William Gay's coverage skills and Joe Burnett's hands.

  4. How dare you leave out Ike Taylor's talents, Deshea Townsend's tackling, or lack thereof, and Ryan Mundy's headhunting.