Wednesday, December 9, 2009

College coaches

Whether it's basketball or football, I can't stand college coaches. Well, it's mostly the system I can't stand. A coach can sign multi-year deals with a program, and then hightail it out of there when he gets a better opportunity.

Look at this whole Notre Dame-Brian Kelly situation. It seems to happen every year. A team in a major bowl is on the verge of their coach leaving them before their season is even over. If an athlete does this, he has to sit out a year.

It's crap. Especially when you consider the biggest reason a player chooses a school is the coach. Yet the coach is free to leave and the player can't follow for a year. I know some coaches have contracts that call for buyouts, but their are always tricky devils like the Rich Rodriguez that can get out paying complete buyouts.

I feel like I would just be repeating myself if I continued. It sucks and I don't like it. College coaches should not be able to interview for jobs if their season isn't over.

Sorry, I'm uninspired lately.

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  1. If you need inspiration, here's a topic: What will be the higher total: Sidney Crosby's goals, or Bobby Crosby's total hits?

  2. I think that's one of the few rules that baseball has gotten right. A contract is a contract. Agree to it or don't. Now put a cap on salary to break up the Yankees so the league can be competitive again.

  3. yes Greg, I love how much money Matt Morris got because of his contract. Granted, it's the Pirates' fault for giving him that contract. I think the NFL has it right, there's some guaranteed money, but if you suck, they can still cut you after the year's over.

    RichRod is a slime ball and I hope UMich never sees another bowl game.

  4. Joe! Whats up? I guess it's just a matter of opinion because I think the NFL has an awful system. The franchise tag that no player wants is really weird. Also, I would rather stick my leg in the oven then hear about what players are holding out EVERY YEAR. It seems like that's all there is to talk about during training camp. The whole guaranteed money/contract that isn't really a contract thing is interesting but I don't think it's effective.

    Take Stafford's $41.7 million signing bonus. Even if he sucks, he gets a LOT of money. Then compare that to the most anticipated prospect since Alex Rodriguez. Strasburg got $15.1 million and has to work his way through the system before he even gets a chance to suck!

    As you had mentioned, the Matt Morris situation was horrible. But in reality it was Littlefield salting the Earth before he left.

  5. Hello Greg, Should I post on a new thread or what? Stafford, in a way, has "earned" that contract for playing 3 years of high level college football. Strasburg is going to be a beast and I'm glad that he's going to small budget team. I had perogies for dinner tonight. I think the GE brand is better than Mrs. T's.

  6. This is joe, by the way ^