Monday, December 14, 2009

Panthers players need to shut up

This blog is certainly not friendly toward the New England Patriots, or any Boston team for that matter, but I hate stupid people even more.

A couple of Carolina Panthers came out after their game with Patriots this weekend and said they knew Randy Moss would give up if they jammed him early. While Moss did have a lousy game (one reception for 16 yards and a fumble), The Patriots won the game. Chris Gamble and Chris Harris might want to worry a little more about winning a game next time and not shutting down one player.

Maybe instead of bragging about how you forced Moss to shut it down, you should worry about stopping Wes Welker from catching 10 balls for 105 yards. Or maybe, you should think about how your own offense stunk it up for all but one play.

To be fair, I haven't seen a story that says what the journalist asked Gamble and his teammates. The member of the media could have asked what they did to shut down one of the top receivers in the league, and Gamble thought it was the only positive thing his team could take from the game.

Of course, there are no moral victories in professional sports. You can't lose a game and then come to the media and brag about shutting down one player. It's just stupid. Maybe the team didn't lose because of you. Maybe you played your butt off and did well, but your team still lost. There is nothing wrong with taking positives from a defeat and growing for the next game. But calling out a player on the other team who didn't play well is immature and shows that Gamble is more about himself than his team.

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  1. As someone who follows the Panthers, I agree. They lost the game, they couldn't stop Welker and their 5-8, they have no right to talk smack about anybody.

    And secondly, I think anyone would watched the game could tell Moss mentally checked out in the second quarter. Brady stopped looking for him. If you knew he would give up after jamming him early, then why not focus more on Welker or maybe bring some extra people to pressure Brady (although that would require a blitz something John Fox seems not to understand because he has Julius Peppers and thats all the pressure he thinks he needs).