Sunday, October 30, 2011

Week 8 picks

By Jeff

Sorry the delay. The power was out here until 11 this morning. I'll make this quick.

Last week I somehow forgot the New Orleans-Indianapolis game last week, which sucks as I would have picks New Orleans. Oh well, I went 5-6-1 as a result of that brain fart and move to 40-41-5 on the year. The big miss was taking Oakland to cover against Kansas City. How was I supposed to know Kyler Boller and Carson Palmer would combine for four picks? Actually, that sounds a lot more probable than them leading the team to victory.

So once again my picks are mediocre. We'll see what happens when my fiancee does the picking this week, as she usually crushed me.

The home teams are in caps.
  • TENNESSEE (-8) over Indianapolis
  • Jacksonville (+10) over HOUSTON
  • CAROLINA (-3) over Minnesota
  • New Orleans (-13.5) over ST. LOUIS
  • Arizona (+12) over BALTIMORE
  • NEW YORK GIANTS (-9.5) over Miami
  • BUFFALO (-4.5) over Washington
  • Detroit (-3) over DENVER
  • PITTSBURGH (+2.5) over New England
  • SAN FRANCISCO (-9) over Cleveland
  • Cincinnati (-1.5) over SEATTLE
  • Dallas (+3) over PHILADELPHIA
  • San Diego (-3) over KANSAS CITY

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