Saturday, October 15, 2011

Week 6 NFL picks

By Jeff

Who would have thought that the biggest game in Week 6 this season would be the Detroit Lions and the San Francisco 49ers? Prior to the start of this season, their own fans probably thought this would be a terrible game.

That is the beauty of the NFL. There are surprise teams every year. Even if you thought Detroit was going to improve, I doubt you thought the 49ers, who still have Alex Smith at quarterback, would be 4-1 at this point. Hell, I doubt you thought they'd win four games this entire season. I know I didn't expect it.

As for the season results, I'm at .500 baby! I'm 29-29-3 after going 7-6 this week. The miss of Week 5 was Tampa Bay to cover when they lost by more than 40 points. I did not see that coming. I should have seen the Chicago Bears' offensive line getting destroyed by the Lions. It pains me to admit it, but Jay Cutler is showing he's a pretty tough individual. He has no protection and is getthing killed back there, yet still manages to stay in the game and play pretty well.

Enough about Cutler. It's time for Week 6. The home teams are in caps.

GREEN BAY (-14) over St. Louis - After last season, the Rams looked like they were on the verge of not sucking anymore. It's safe to say they are back on track.

PITTSBURGH (-12.5) over Jacksonville - Even if this defense's age was hindering them, and it's not, the Steelers would still make Blaine Gabbert's life miserable.

Philadelphia (-3) over WASHINGTON - Rex Grossman is due for an atrocious day where he throws four picks and looks terrified in the pocket.

San Francisco (+4) over DETROIT - Why do I keep picking agains Detroit? In all honesty, I think Calvin Johnson should have even more touchdowns than he does. Seriously, just throw the ball up to him any time you're in the red zone and there is an 80 percent chance he comes down with it.

Carolina (+3.5) over ATLANTA - The Falcons look lost right now.

Indianapolis (+6.5) over CINCINNATI - I don't think the Bengals are good enough to beat anyone by this much.

Buffalo (+3) over NEW YORK GIANTS - Eli Manning is the worst "good" quarterback in the league. You can't take away his tremendous performance in the team's Super Bowl victory, but you can look at his numbers since then and he is a turnover machine. Sometimes he can be really good, but more often he is mediocre or downright bad.

BALTIMORE (-7) over Houston - The Texans don't have their best defensive player in Mario Williams, so they won't get much pressue on Joe Flacco.

OAKLAND (+6.5) over Cleveland - For the first time in about 10 years it's actually fun to watch Raiders games. Weird.

Dallas (+6.5) over NEW ENGLAND - Wait, it's the Patriots at home. Please switch that. Tom Brady does not lose in Foxborough during the regular season. And other than Sean Lee, it's not like Dallas has much going for it on defense.

New Orleans (-5.5) over TAMPA BAY - Is it me, or are all the young quarterbacks that were all supposed to make big strides this season sucking a whole lot? Josh Freeman, Matt Ryan and Sam Bradford were all very good players last year. This year, they all have been pretty bad. This is especially weird because offenses are putting up ridiculous numbers this year.

Minnesota (+2.5) over CHICAGO - What I really mean is Adrian Peterson (+2.5) over CHICAGO.

NEW YORK JETS (-6.5) over Miami - The Dolphins are going to be starting their 16th quarterback since Dan Marino retired following the 1999 season. They really need to lose and get Andrew Luck.

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