Wednesday, March 9, 2011

Tressel got off easy, Smizik stole my thunder

By Jeff

I had a big post planned for today that called out Ohio State University for going easy on football coach Jim Tressel. Then I went over to the Post-Gazette's Web site and saw Bob Smizik beat me to the punch. Now I am trying to figure out if it's worse that I agree with Smizik, or that he and I share an opinion.

Whether you agree with the NCAA's ruling that five Ohio State players, including Terrelle Pryor, will be suspended for five games next season for selling their Big Ten title paraphernalia, it's a joke that Tressel knew about the issue for months, did nothing and was only suspended for two games next season.
Someone tell him that's not edible.

He is supposed to be a teacher to these kids, yet he enabled them to break the rules. It doesn't matter that the rule is stupid. It's a rule and he needs to enforce it if he's aware of any violations.

I don't buy for one minute the story Tressel is selling. He told media that he didn't punish the players in the 2010 season because benching starters would have raised other questions.

No, benching starting players would have raised one question: "Why didn't these guys start today?"

Tressel didn't want to have to answer this question and was hoping everything would blow over. If you read the story, he never apologized once in his press conference for concealing information from the NCAA or Ohio State. No, Tressel wanted to win games and maybe a National Championship, which he couldn't do if he benched the players in question.

The biggest joke of this violation is Tressel is only getting two games, while his players get five. Tressel is making millions per season. That $250,000 fine and two games against Akron and Toledo are nothing.  His punishment should match his players'.

I get that they made the original mistake, but Tressel was alerted to it and did nothing. He could have sent the right message by upholding the rules of the NCAA. Instead, he is sending the message that it's OK to ignore a problem and hope it goes away.

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  1. Its crap and he willingly let ineligible players play. Stupid but thats college sports. I am sure NCAA will have some random reason to let them go easy just like they did with Jim Obrien and their bball program a few years back. Whatever.


  2. Welcome back, Mike!

    I had read somewhere that he claimed he didn't know who to go to with the information and that's why he didn't tell anyone. If that's true, it's more BS. He should have gone to his AD immediately. Ohio State's athletic department is huge, yet he doesn't know who to tell about possible violations? What a bunch of crap.

  3. They are sticking to the we didn't know defense. It might fly for the players but the head coach at Ohio St knows.

    Problem is Ohio St football made 64 million dollars last year and Tressel is the CEO of that company. They aren't going to fire him with profits as high as that and him continuing to dominate Michigan and the rest of the Big Ten (minus Wisconsin, of course)

    Maybe the NCAA will drop the hammer but it won't really stop anything. They dropped the hammer on USC and somehow they still signed 30 kids this year.

    Come on Brady Hoke, please win to end this madness.

  4. I knew Mike would resurface for a post ripping the Vest. Would would have thought the great Jim Tressel would be so sneaky? He can't be that dumb, right? Have a concern? How about you go to the Compliance Dept in the Athletics office. There's a staff of people there who are tasked to make sure OSU follows all the NCAA's rules. They aren't going to fire him, it's not like he punched an opposing player or lost to Michigan like 80% of the time.

    I think the rule is dumb. It was their stuff to sell/barter. But, come on NCAA, drop the hammer, and end this annoying Buckeye reign over the Big Ten.

  5. I agree the rule is dumb but the cover up with where they will get fucked. The NCAA doesn't like it when people lie to them.

    I hope there is a 30 for 30 on this 20 years from now on this topic and the downfall of Tressel just like there is going to be something on the Fab 5 this Sunday and the downfall of Michigan hoops. Beilien forever!