Tuesday, March 1, 2011

Steelers don't dance

By Jeff

Hines Ward's decision to participate in this season's "Dancing With the Stars" is going to upset a lot of Pittsburgh Steelers fans. These yinzers think the 35-year-old needs to be training for next season, even if there might not be a next season.

I'm torn on the matter. One side thinks that the yinzers are right and Ward shouldn't be wasting time on a reality television show. Especially when one considers that Ward had one of his worst seasons as a starter last year with 59 catches for 755 yards and five touchdowns. The 59 catches was the least Ward has had since 2000. And now he wants to go show off his dancing skills.
I'd rather see Ward hit than dance.

The other side recognizes that Ward has earned the right to do whatever he wants when he's not playing football. If the man wants to dance, let him dance.

The uncertainty of next year's season also is a factor. If there is no season, then no one should have a problem with Ward tangoing or whatever it is they do on the show. It might be the only paycheck he gets in 2011.

But then there is the symbol of the Pittsburgh Steelers. Can you imagine Mean Joe Greene or Jack Lambert dancing on a reality show? As funny as that image may be, it would never happen. Steelers fans firmly hold on to the idea that the Steelers are held to higher standard than the rest of the league. The team is supposed to always do what is right and best for the team. These fans tend to shake off the James Harrison's domestic violence problem from a few years back, the Ben Roethlisberger sexual assault accusations and other disciplinary problems some of the organization's players have had, but that's neither here nor there.

The point is that many Steelers fans think the team is made of a different stock that should represent the city's blue collar identity. This identity does not include dancing for others' entertainment, so they are going to disappointed in Ward.

While I'd rather Ward not participate, I can't blame him either. Of course, I'm also selfish and want him to lose as soon as possible so he is fresh for the season. If there is one.

Bee Gees - You Should Be Dancing


  1. Let the man have is fun. It won't matter because the Karate Kid is going to absolutely clean up.

    Steelers don't dance? I submit exhibit A:


  2. Can you imagine if Lynn Swan had been a dancer?? Oh wait...

    Should have gone with this for the song:

    Ward loves attention. I dont berudge him this opportunity. Go Steelers.

  3. Lynn Swann took dance to be a better player. Hines isn't doing it for that reason. I said I can't blame him. He is free to do what he wants in the offseason. I just wish he waited a few years.

    Good call with the song.