Tuesday, March 8, 2011

David Steckel sucks

By Jeff

In case you can't tell, I don't have much to talk about right now.

I missed the Pens game Saturday, so I can't tell you how awesome if appears to have been (No DVR. Sorry), I have yet to see a Pirates spring training game, and the constant NFL news regarding the CBA is really boring.

So I could have had a post about how the Pens will be getting some reinforcements soon, how Bob Smizik is a Debbie Downer, or how the Pittsburgh Power season kicks off soon. But all that stuff has been played out and there is nothing new I can contribute.
Not seen in this photo is Steckel clocking this kid
 in the head as Steckel runs out the door for chicken nuggets.

Instead, I was browsing NHL.com and looked at the stats page. It was then that I really started missing Sidney Crosby and felt cheated of the spectacular season that David Steckel destroyed.

Despite missing 26 games this season, Crosby is tied for eighth in points with 66, is fifth in goals with 32, and tied for fifth in power play goals with 10.

Just to put that in perspective, Crosby was on pace for 132 points, 64 goals and 20 power play goals this season. Wow. The points would have been the most by a player since Mario Lemieux went off for 161 in the 1995-1996 season.

Damn you, Steckel.

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