Wednesday, August 11, 2010

New blogs to follow

SDEE's blogroll is pretty weak. I just don't read a lot of them. The ones I do read are very good and entertaining, though.

Most of this blog's readers are well aware of The Pens Blog and Mondesi's House, but the other two in the blogroll are probably new.

Dwayne Waite's Blog is not sports related, but you'll definitely learn something from marketing, history, etc., or you will just be entertained.

Pick and Pop is written by my adviser and friend at Elon University and his buddy. One of them is a Washington Capitals fan, but no one is perfect. The content is excellent, well written and provides insights on how the enemy thinks. They also discuss the NBA a lot, something this blog does not.

Do yourselves a favor, check these blogs out.

Grateful Dead - Casey Jones

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