Friday, August 20, 2010

Blinkerton tour in the works?

By Jeff

Weezer fans are a unique bunch. They are similar to Pittsburgh sports fans in that they love the band, but are always tearing them down.

In Weezer's case, fans constantly harp on the fact they have not replicated the greatness on their first two albums; the self-titled debut album commonly known as "The Blue Album" and Pinkerton, respectively. It's true that their other five albums are not on the same level as the first two, but it's unfair for people to think they will ever be able to capture the same sounds and feel of that album.

They're grown men who are happily married and have kids. They aren't going to be writing songs about how they are struggling with their personal lives. That would be more of a lie and sell out their their most recent recordings.

With all that being said, MTV is reporting that the band is contemplating a Blinkerton tour. Weezer would play two nights in each city, one show they would play the entire "The Blue Album" and the next night they would play all of Pinkerton.

No matter how you feel about Weezer today, this would a most excellent set of shows that I would not want to miss.

Weezer - El Scorcho


  1. The only question I have is, aren't both CDs about 40 minutes long? I know live versions last longer and they have some B sides they could play, but it seems like this should be one concert instead of two separate ones. Thoughts? Definitely a really cool idea though.

  2. I think it would be better as one show with B-sides. I also think it would be good as a smaller club show.

  3. That's true. The smaller club show would be much better.

    When I think of a Weezer show in 2011 in Pittsburgh I assume it would be at the CEC and the starting ticket price would be $40.