Monday, July 26, 2010

Williams dissed by rookie Bryant

By Jeff

Dallas Cowboys rookie Dez Bryant refused to be Roy Williams' bitch the other day, as Bryant said no when Williams tried to get the first-round pick to carry his shoulder pads.

The full story is here.

The scenario brings up an interesting discussion. Should rookies be hazed, or should they take a stand for themselves? My stance is that it depends on numerous factors.

First, it depends on the veteran who is attempting to haze the rookie. If he is a certified star, or a captain on the team, then the rookie better shut up and take the abuse. These veterans have been in the league and earned the respect of any rookie that comes in to camp, no matter what round they were picked in. With that being said, Williams is a career underachiever who thinks himself a star. The truth is, Williams has only broken 1,000 yards once in his career and has never had more than eight touchdowns in a season.

Second, the type of hazing matters. All Bryant had to do was carry shoulder pads across a field. It's not like he had to drink until he vomited or do some other harmful act. Rookies have done squat to earn the respect of their teammates, if carrying shoulder pads, which last I checked don't weight much, get you in the good graces of your teammates, do it. But we must defer to the first point here. It's Roy Williams we're talking about. He hasn't topped 600 yards in his past two seasons. Who cares if he is mad at you, he might not even make the team.

Third, it depends on the type of person the rookie is. Bryant came in with some controversy not only from being suspended last year, but for being a selfish athlete. If a rookie has baggage coming in, and a veteran asks him to do something that does not physically harm you, do it. The rookie has to prove that he has grown out of being a tool and is ready to be a positive influence on the team. Once again though, the first point takes precedent here. Williams wasn't trying to teach Bryant a lesson or welcome him to the team. He was trying to be a bully because he feels threatened.

If you can't tell, I'm siding with Bryant here and don't think he should carry anything for Williams. If Miles Austin had told him to, then he should have done so with a smile on his face.

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  1. Remember when I thought R Williams was gonna be better than Larry Fitz. Ummm. Yea

  2. Yes I do. We all make mistakes.