Tuesday, July 27, 2010

Useful links

By Jeff

The sports world had numerous stories today that perked my interest, so rather than go into detail on each one I figured I'd just post the links and let you read them for yourselves.

Longtime Pittsburgh Penguins public address announcer passes away: I didn't know John Barbero's name until I read this story, but he is one of my fondest memories from the Civic/Mellon Arena. Whenever I hear the name Mario Lemiuex, or even think it, I can hear the unique voice of Barbero announcing another goal for No. 66. To me, Barbero was as good as they come when it comes to PAs. The guy the Pens have now, and so many around the league, seem to try too hard and sound unnatural. Not Barbero. He was a class act and Pens games will not be the same without him.

"He's a real douche.": That's what Pens forward Maxime Talbot has to say about Washington Capitals star Alexander Ovechkin. Don't believe me? Listen here. It only takes about two minutes for Talbot to share his feelings on Ovechkin.

McLouth sent to minors: When the Pittsburgh Pirates traded center fielder Nate McLouth to the Atlanta Braves last May, Pirates fans were irate. The man just came off a 26-home run season and we just signed him long-term. Pirates fans took up the familiar cry of the owners just trying to save money. Well, McLouth was just sent to AAA today, after batting .160 with the Braves this year. Not like the player we received, Charlie Morton is doing any better. But at least it didn't turn into Aramis Ramirez part 2.

TO signs with Bengals: The Cincinnati Bengals and Terrell Owens reached a two-year deal today. This will be an interesting combination for about two weeks. At Week 3 we will all be bored with the TO-Chad Ochocinco show. The duo is a combined 4-9 in the postseason and TO has all four of those wins. The last one was in 2002. I'm not too worried, but I could end up eating those words.

NBA doesn't want teams tampering with Paul: Earlier this week, New Orleans point guard Chris Paul said he had a good meeting with team officials and is not seeking a trade. Today, the NBA issued a memo to all teams basically telling them not to tamper with Paul. I'm thinking Paul still wants a trade and commissioner David Stern fears if he leaves, so will the team. Paul still has two years left on the deal, so teams should already know that talking to Paul would constitute tampering. Why do we need a memo? I hope Paul plays out his contract. I like him, but can't stand athletes demanding trades because they want more money or think the team stinks.

NFL to put concussion posters in locker rooms: In a stark contrast to past denials of concussion problems in the league, the NFL will issue posters in every locker room explaining the risk of concussions. If you look at the poster, you'll see it's pretty much common sense. Headaches and confusions after being hit are bad signs? No way! I know it's something, and that's a start, but a common sense poster doesn't protect players. It's like the "Play Like A Champion Today" poster in the Notre Dame locker room. It's there, but it's not like players follow it.

Rick Tocchet to join Pens coaching staff: I have no link because this is a rumor from blog contributor Mike. He would have posted it, but he shipped off to Med School and is not allowed to contact the outside world. It's just dead bodies and late nights for him from now on. Anyway, Mike said that Tocchet recently rented an apartment from his uncle and word on the street is he will be manning an assistant coach position with the Pens. Anyone want to take bets on this?

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  1. I'm sure Tocchet's ex-wife will be betting on this. (Zing!)

  2. Gretzky might be putting a wager down too!