Saturday, July 10, 2010

If you see this man, tell him it's getting old

By Jeff

Cincinnati Bengals wide receiver Chad Ochocinco will have a reality show on VH-1 where the attention-craving drama queen will be looking for love. Don't believe me, check out the story here.

The man has gone too far. The celebrations and on the field antics were great. They were funny and harmless. From there it was all down hill.

Besides being a headache every offseason and crying about his contract, Ochocinco decided he needed more attention. The result was a legal name change to Ochocinco from Johnson. It was a story on all the major media outlets and brought him the spotlight he craved, even though he has never won a championship, or even a playoff game. 

Next, he joined the likes of Jason Taylor as active players participating in "Dancing With the Stars". I don't have that much beef with this one. He wasn't hurting his team or anything, but he was definitely feeding his attention appetite, which we're seeing is a bottomless pit. Apparently he even did well and finished near the top. Something he and his Bengals have yet to do in the NFL during his tenure.

Finally, there is this. A reality show that is just "Flavor of Love"/"Rock of Love" only with an NFL player as the subject. The difference being that the previously listed shows featured has been musical artists who had been out of the public spotlight for years. Ocho is still playing at a high level and doesn't need this. How cute is it that it starts with 85 women for him to pick from? 

I don't know why I'm complaining. The man can do whatever he wants, and it's not like I will spend one minute watching this show, or anything else on VH-1 since they canceled "Pop Up Video". It just seems that Ochocinco gets more attention than he deserves and thinks he is a bigger deal than he is. 

His team has made the playoffs two times since Ochocinco got into town, and they lost in the first round both times. He has put up some very good receiving numbers during the regular season, but look at his combined playoff stats. Ochocinco has totaled six receptions for 87 yards and zero touchdowns in two games. In one his quarterback got hurt on the first play and Darrelle Revis shut him down in the second. Both were tough obstacles to overcome, but that is what the great players do. They overcome great challenges and lead their team to victory, or at least give the team a chance. 

Ochocinco has never done that. He talks a big game, dances and grabs attention, but when the big moments come, he disappears.

Prince - Let's Go Crazy

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