Wednesday, July 14, 2010

Steelers extend Tomlin

By Jeff

As if true Steelers fan had any doubts the organization would extend coach Mike Tomlin before the beginning of the season, the Steelers gave Tomlin a contract through 2015 yesterday.

The signing follows the trend the Steelers have been practicing since the 1960s. They give their coaches extensions at least a year before their current deal is up as a show of confidence in their team's leader. For those of you who don't know, the organization has only had three coaches in the past 41 years.

That last fact is practically unheard of in modern professional sports. Owners want to win, and usually the coach is the first scapegoat to go if that winning does not happen.

So does Tomlin deserve the extension? Yes. Pretty simple answer. He has been to the playoffs in two of three seasons, and he has a Super Bowl under his belt. to put that in perspective, he is only one of four current head coaches in the NFL with a Super Bowl ring.

His critics say he just took over a talented team put together by former coach Bill Cowher, but that is a load of crap. Cowher has all that talent and didn't make the playoffs in his final season. Tomlin still had to win over the respect of the team and lead them, which he has done very well during his short tenure. At some point you have to hold the players responsible for not playing up to their abilities, which the team didn't do last year.

The city is fortunate to have a guy like Tomlin. Look across the league and find a coach you would rather have? Maybe Bill Belichick?  Sure, if you like jerks who cheat. Maybe Sean Payton? He could work, but he may or may not have an addiction to Vicodin. Tomlin is the man for this job and the Steelers once again will be rewarded for committing to him.

By the way, how awesome would it be to have Tomlin and Payton on a coaching staff. Combine Tomlin's resemblance to Omar Epps with Payton's possible addiction to Vicodin and you have half of the original cast of "House" on your football team! Not only will they lead their team to victory, but they will also solve any medical issues surrounding the players.

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  1. They will never have any issues once they hire me as team doctor.